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HEI Distributor For Roller Cams, 302 Ford

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HEI Distributor For Roller Cams, 302 Ford

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Q & A

What's in the Box

  • HEI for 302 Ford
  • High performance ignition module
  • Brass terminals in cap
  • 50,000V coil
  • Hardened gear
  • Mechanical advance
  • High perf. rotor
  • Coil cover
  • Vacuum advance
  • Incredible Price
  • The drive-gear on this distributor works OK with cast "stock"OEM roller camshafts
NOTE: Will NOT work with aftermarket billet roller cams.

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Small Block Ford 289-302 HEI Distributor
(Part #91012350)
                        Finally an affordable distributor for you Ford guys! Basically this is a GM HEI distributor that fits 289-302 Fords. It is fully self-contained and requires only one wire to hook-up. No need for an MSD box. NOT compatible with computer controlled vehicles.

It uses the GM HEI cap, rotor and module, and includes mechanical and vacuum advances. Comes complete as shown.  Shaft diameter of .450".

910-12350 Instructions (PDF)


Note: This distributor has an O-ring seal that has a VERY tight fit when installing for the first time. We suggest using a small amount of lithium grease or silicone lubricant on this seal to ease installation.

Accel 170072 HEI Wiring Pigtail
(Part #105170072)

Finally, a dual HEI connector for GM HEI “Coil In-Cap”. The Dual HEI Connector helps clean up your engine bay by eliminating the use of single spade connectors to make battery and tachometer connections. Also holds the 12 volt and tachometer wires securely in place. Made from hi-temperature durable plastic to withstand all extreme conditions of an engine bay. The easily seen, 10” long, red and green wires identify battery and tachometer.

  • Wire your HEI distributor like the factory
  • Red and green wires identify battery and tach leads
  • 10" long