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Grant 10112-00-01 Horn Button Retainer

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Grant 10112-00-01 Horn Button Retainer

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Q & A

What's in the Box

This retainer is designed to affix a "non-functional" horn button onto the steering wheel as this item is not insulated. This should only be used wtih an aftermarket steering column that has an external or remote horn button seperate of the center of the wheel.

Item Details

Please note that this retainer will only affix a non-functional horn button onto the wheel. It is intended to be used in conjunction with a column that makes use of an external or remote horn button.

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Grant 3196 3-Bolt Steering Wheel Adapter, GM Applications
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This steering wheel adapter allows you to put an aftermarket 3-bolt steering wheel on a 1969-1994 GM, Ididit or Flaming River steering column. Horn button not included. Includes black metal cover, horn button spring, plunger spring, lead wire and three mounting bolts. Grant does not include a spacer as it is typically not needed for most applications, but if required, a simple washer will suffice.

Adapter Application Chart (GIF)

Note: When using this adapter, if the column has not previously had a steering wheel mounted, # 910-64049 will also be required.

- This item is no longer included from the vendor.

410-3196 Instructions (PDF)

Horn Button Wire & Spring for GM Column
(Part #91064049)
                        Needed if you are using an aftermarket GM column and do not have the horn plunger wire and spring.
Grant 5894 Chrome Horn Button
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                        Classic chrome horn button is designed to fit Grant Classic or Performance series wheels. Slight dome design with no logo.