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Grant 742 Elite GT Steering Wheel, 14 Inch

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Grant 742 Elite GT Steering Wheel, 14 Inch

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Q & A

What's in the Box

The Grant Elite GT steering wheel features highly polished mirror finish aluminum spokes highlighted by a machined billet aluminum horn button trim ring. These steering wheels feature a hand-stitched leather-grained vinyl grip. 14" diameter, 1-1/2" dish with a 2" offsetting stem. Total offset from the front of the wheel to the mounting surface is 3-1/2". The wheel includes a rubber "styling sleeve" which covers the stem.

Requires installation kit (sold separately) to mount this wheel to your specific steering column. 

410-742 Instructions (PDF)


Note: Standard 3-bolt mounting pattern with 1-1/2" center to center. The included bracket and mount extend the steering wheel 2-1/8" from the column to the steering wheel. The included mount is soft black vinyl that is ribbed and textured. 

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Grant 1170 Collectors Edition 14.75 In 3-Spoke Wood Rim Steering Wheel
(Part #4101170)

Machined aluminum, polished to a mirror finish, is the ultimate look for any street rod or street truck. Grant offers these top-of-the-line Signature Series steering wheels designed for the ultimate car or truck enthusiast - the collector. This slotted three spoke wheel features Grant's exclusive, three-dimensional, dual-plane spoke design. The spokes are highly polished aluminum. The grip is a beautiful hand-rubbed mahogany wood with a deep, rich luster. Each wheel has a machined billet trim ring. 

14-3/4" diameter, 3" dish including styling sleeve.

Requires installation kit (sold separately) to mount this wheel to your specific steering column. 

410-1170 Instructions (PDF)

Grant 414 Challenger GT Steering Wheel, 13-1/2 Inch, Black
(Part #410414)

This wheel features Grant's exclusive dual-plane spoke design. This 3-dimensional hi-tech, dual-plane 4-spoke design offers a "world class look." Features a foam cushioned grip with black matte finish. Complete with horn button. 13-1/2" diameter, 3" dish.

Requires installation kit (sold separately) to mount this wheel to your specific steering column.

410-414 Instructions (PDF)

Grant 502 Classic Cruisin 3-Spoke Steering Wheel, 13-1/2 Inch
(Part #410502)

The Grant Classic Cruisin' steering wheel features a smooth, high gloss black cushion and chrome spokes that made it popular during the 1960's. The gloss vinyl grip was extremely popular on dune buggies and hot rods of that era. 13-1/2" diameter, 3" dish.

Requires installation kit (sold separately) to mount this wheel to your specific steering column. 

410-502 Instructions (PDF)

Grant 870 Challenger Steering Wheel, 13-3/4 Inch, Black
(Part #410870)

With it's 3-spoke design and matte black finish, the Grant Challenger steering wheel has a look all it's own. The black foam cushion grip provides a nice, beefy feel in your hands. 13-3/4" diameter, 2 1/4" dish.

Requires installation kit (sold separately) to mount this wheel to your specific steering column.

410-870 Instructions (PDF)

Grant 3196 3-Bolt Steering Wheel Adapter, GM Applications
(Part #4103196)

This steering wheel adapter allows you to put an aftermarket 3-bolt steering wheel on a 1969-1994 GM, Ididit or Flaming River steering column. Horn button not included. Includes black metal cover, horn button spring, plunger spring, lead wire and three mounting bolts. Grant does not include a spacer as it is typically not needed for most applications, but if required, a simple washer will suffice.

Adapter Application Chart (GIF)

Note: When using this adapter, if the column has not previously had a steering wheel mounted, # 910-64049 will also be required.

- This item is no longer included from the vendor.

410-3196 Instructions (PDF)

Grant 3249 3-Bolt Steering Wheel Adapter, Ford Applications
(Part #4103249)

This is the standard Grant steering wheel installation kit for Ford steering columns. These kits may be used to install all Classic Series, Challenger Series or Signature Series steering wheels. Each kit contains complete step-by-step instructions, a die cast hub, Grade 5 hardware and matte black trim pieces.

Adapter Application Chart (GIF)

410-3249 Instructions (PDF)

Ididit 2208310040 Billet 3-bolt Steering Wheel Adapter
(Part #4462831)

This polished billet aluminum steering wheel adapter allows you to put common 3-bolt steering wheels on Ididit and most 1969-1994 GM columns. This hub adapter comes with a spring for the horn button and a plunger/spring assembly.

  • Top is 11/16" x 36 spline I.D. (GM, Ididit, Flaming River columns)
  • Bottom is 1/2" straight and .753 I.D. to fit a 3/4" shaft
  • 1-3/16" tall
  • 2-1/2" I.D. holes for the horn plunger lead wire
  • Standard 3-bolt pattern for custom steering wheels in 1/4" fine thread


Grant 5196-1 Steering Wheel Adapter to GM Steering Column
(Part #41051961)

Grant Billet Style Installation Kits are an optional styling upgrade. The Billet Style Kits have Grant's five-hole mounting pattern. The cool thing about the Billet Kits is they are designed to put the wheel back in as close to the stock position as possible. You cannot use this kit to install a Classic/Challenger/Performance Series Wheel (3 Bolt Pattern wheels). These adapters let you install Grant Signature Series and Collectors Edition steering wheels on these GM vehicles:

  • 1969-1994 GM cars
  • 1974-1994 GM trucks
  • 1982-1994 GM vans

The standard shaft size this adapter fits is .688" or 11/16" by 36 spline.  These are polished billet aluminum adapters.

Note: Ididit, Flaming River, and Classic use the same diameter and spline count on MOST of their aftermarket columns for specific applications as the 69-94 GM but not ALL. For verification we suggest contacting your steering column manufacturer with the part number of your column to insure correct fit.

Grant Steering Wheel Adapter Instructions (PDF)