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Global West Suspension ASR-4 1964-66 Mustang Strut Rods

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Global West Suspension ASR-4 1964-66 Mustang Strut Rods
Global West Suspension ASR-4 1964-66 Mustang Strut Rods

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Stock '64-'66 Mustang strut rods used a flimsy rubber bushing to control fore & aft movement of the wheel during suspension travel. This design was prone to deflection during hard acceleration and braking. A more positive approach to the problem would be to install an adjustable strut rod kit with a spherical rod end in place of the rubber bushing. Global Wests strut rods are designed as a bolt on application. No welding or frame modifications are required. When using a strut rod design of this nature, the deflection is totally eliminated. The suspension no longer deflects fore and aft. The vehicle now sees a lower a-arm rather than a two component system (strut rod & lower arm).

  • Bolt on application, no frame modifications 
  • Allows you to dial-in your front suspension
  • Adjusting sleeve uses standard open-end wrench, no special tools required
  • Rods are powercoated black
  • Hardware included

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Global West Suspension MNR-46 1964-66 Mustang Upper Control Arms

Global West Negative Roll tubular upper control arms improve the geometry of the stock Mustang suspension while adding additional strength. The arms come pre-assembled and are supplied with billet steel cross shafts, Del-A-Lum bushings, ball joints, and instructions. 

  • Requires drilling new mount holes in your shock tower
  • Includes drill template
  • Changes camber curve when used with Global West lower arms
  • Generates negative camber to keep tire foot print flatter on the pavement
  • Gain improved cornering and longer tire life
Global West Suspension TBF-5 1964-66 Mustang Lower Control Arms

Global West Negative Roll tubular lower control arms improve the geometry of the stock Mustang suspension while adding increased strength.

  • Stock length, non-adjustable design
  • Spherical bearing eliminates suspension bind
  • Uses screw-in style ball joints
  • Accepts stock strut rods or Global West adjustable strut rods
Global West Suspension SRB-4 1964-1966 Mustang Strut Bushings

Global West strut rod bushings improve the geometry of the stock Mustang suspension. Can be used with stock strut rods or with the Global West high performance strut rods. High durometer bushings will control lower control arm location with limited deflection and still allow pivot over standard factory durometer.

  • Provides better alignment, cornering, and braking control
  • Easy installation
  • No modifications needed

Too high of a durometer bushing in this location can cause strut rod failure due to too much resistance in the direction of pivot. That is why there is rubber in this location over other high density plastics.