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Glass Run Channel

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U-shaped channel.
Glass Run Channel
Glass Run Channel
Glass Run Channel
Glass Run Channel

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Q & A

What's in the Box

This is a highly flexible U-shaped channel comes in an 8-foot-long x 5/8" wide coil with sides that are 9/16" tall. You will need one coil of window felt per door.

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This amazing material from Taylor's TOP Glass is just the ticket for windshields, side and rear windows. Not to be confused with the more economical plexi-glass, this material allows anyone to cut to fit with common hand tools, but its special coating is scratch and chemical resistant.

This surface hardened plastic is similar to Lexan, but can be cleaned like normal glass without scratching. You can even use windshield wipers on it and clean it with standard glass cleaners.

  • 50% - 75% lighter than glass (depending on thickness)
  • 1/2 the weight per equal thickness of glass
  • Extremely shatterproof
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Coated on both sides with a very scratch resistant coating
  • Highly scratch and chemical resistant
  • High resistance to pitting or sand blast effect
  • Can be cleaned with standard glass cleaner, no extra polishes or cleaners needed
  • Excellent water shedding capabilities

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Taylor's TOP Glass Instructions (PDF)

Power Window Kit
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  • Kit for 2 doors
  • Works for all flat glass windows
  • Straight up and down travel only
  • 6"-24" Glass height
  • Includes: Switches, wiring and crossover kit

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Sill Weather Strip Rubber
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                        Black rubber sill weather strips. One side is 7/8 inches tall and the mounting side is 5/8 inches tall. Measures 48 inches long. Can be mounted easy to any window felt channel laying agents, the glass preventing water leaking inside the door or quarter panel. 
Sill Weather Whisker Strip
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                        After putting in new glass and window felt run channels, you don't want to reuse your old whisker that's on your garnish moldings, so here's a way to prevent scratching up that new glass. We now offer a 48" long, 9/16" tall whisker strip. Only offered in black.
Window Sill Replacement Set
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If you need to replace your worn out window sills, we now offer sets of 4 made from 18 gauge metal. Measures 1" tall, 1/2" wide, and 36" length.