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Garage Sale - Transmission Mount Emergency Brake Cables

Garage Sale:
Garage Sale - Transmission Mount Emergency Brake Cables

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a kit.
  • This product is discontinued.



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What's in the Box

Transmount E-Brake Cables are designed for use with Transmount Emergency Hand Brakes. Outer housing is designed with specially extruded liner for extended life of the cable. Stainless steel inner cable resists moisture.

Design allows rear end backing plate fittings to be removed without removing brake cables. Lokar cables also feature adjustable cable lock and clevis. Kit includes two 8 foot black outer housings that “U-Cut-to-Fit”­.


This item is garage sale priced because it is missing all the hardware.




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Sold in Quantity
Fits drum brakes or most GM disc brake calipers with E-brake lever built in. (Requires clevis kit 491-81FC for Wilwood, Ford Explorer, or late model Corvette disc brakes).

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This item is garage sale priced because it is missing the mounting hardware.

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Lokar EHB-7011 Trans Mount Emergency Hand Brake, 11 Inch
(Part #4917011)

Transmission mount emergency hand brake lever assembly. Ratchet cut gear plate and lock are heat treated for strength and safety. Lever's geometric design allows for comfortable leverage operation. E brake handle mounts to your Lokar shifter.

Note: 11" Hand brake is suggested to be used with 16" and shorter shifters.  Use 16" hand brake with 23" and taller shifters.

The tailmount, floor mount and cable operated transmission shifters do not offer the capability of mounting the transmount hand brake assemblies.  For these type of transmission shifters, the floor mounted hand brake assembly should be utilized.

Installation Instructions (PDF)

Lokar EC-81FC E-Brake Clevis for Ford Explorer & Wilwood
(Part #49181FC)

Lokar Clevis Kits adapt Lokar Emergency Brake Cable kits to Ford Explorer and Wilwood Explorer-style rear disc brakes with internal drum hubs (like our 910-31938). Also works with late Corvette rear disc brakes with internal shoe-type parking brake (requires some file-fitting).

Note: Clevis is included in kit 491-81FU. Ford Explorer rear disc brakes will need a pair of 916-41021 nuts to secure the cable ends to the thick cast iron OEM brackets.

  • Wilwood/Ford Explorer Style Rear Clevis Kit