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Garage Sale - Spark Plug Light and Magnifier
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  • Garage Sale - Spark Plug Light and Magnifier
  • Garage Sale - Spark Plug Light and Magnifier
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All sharp mechanics have always done plug readings to help them get peak engine performance. Now you can too, with this clever spark plug viewing light and magnifier.

This model features 10x magnification, a 30mm lens, and operates on two C cell batteries.  



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    Moroso 62160 Spark Plug Indexer, 14MM

    High-compression drag race engines require “indexing” of spark plugs to prevent contact between piston dome and ground wire of the spark plugs. Moroso’s indexer, designed for both flat and taper-seat 14mm spark plugs, enables selection of spark plugs that will not make such contact. Once a given plug is selected (placed in a cylinder head and found to have the correct ground wire position), it is placed in the Moroso Plug Indexer and the position of the ground electrode marked on the black anodized surface. Marking provides a reference for checking other plugs to be used in the same cylinder.

    • Designed for both flat and tapered seat 14 mm spark plugs
    • Black anodized for easy marking
    • Hex-head design allows it to be held in a vise

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    Spark Plug Index Washers, Tapered

    For use on all 14 mm spark plugs. Ten washers, each of three thicknesses, stamped copper. 30 per package.

    545-71900 Instructions (PDF)

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    Taylor Cable Products 043392 Spark Plug Boot Removal Tool

    Avoid those hot headers or manifolds with this handy boot removal tool. Reach down, catch the boot, and pull it off the spark plug without any damage to the boot, plug wire or your hands.

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    Spark Plug Thread Cleaner

    Here's a handy tool for cleaning spark plugs holes. Made for 14mm or 18mm threads, and does a great job of cleaning without damage.

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    Longacre 50886 Spark Plug Viewer with Holder

    • Get your jetting right for maximum power
    • 10X magnification
    • Durable and compact
    • Comes with batteries - ready to use
    • Includes spark plug holder