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Garage Sale - Safety Racing Proban Neck Brace
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Safety Racing Neck Brace features a Proban cover with dense fire retardant foam inner pad. Velcro™ closure for snug fit on any size neck. Red, blue, Purple & black are SFI 3.3-1.

Outside diameter is 10" and the inside diameter is 5". The total height is 2".

Available in red or purple.



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    Price: $39.99
    Sale Price: $29.99
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    Simpson Padded Neck Support

    Made of high density foam and covered with durable Nomex III. These supports help to reduce neck fatigue and are great for virtually all types of racing. Available in red, blue, or black.

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    Speedway Racing Neck Brace, SFI 3.3-1

    Speedway's racing neck brace has a fire retardant cotton cover and foam inner pad to give it a SFI 3.3-1 rating. It has a velcro closure for universal fit.
    • Fire retardant cotton cover and foam inner pad
    • Velcro closure for universal fit
    • SFI 3.3-1 rated
    • Available in Red, Blue, Black, or Purple