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Garage Sale - Pertronix Chevy Flame Thrower Distributor

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Garage Sale:
Garage Sale - Pertronix Chevy Flame Thrower Distributor

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This product is discontinued.



Q & A

What's in the Box

Replace your outdated points, electronic distributor or bulky HEI with this performance proven system. Simply install the distributor in the engine, connect two wires and start it up! Features the reliable and accurate Ignitor II pickup module for maximum performance in a compact package. Compatible with most most CD ignition systems (MSD 6-Series, etc.).

Fits S/B and B/B Chevy V8. For even more performance, consider adding a Flame-Thrower coil for increased spark energy and higher RPM potential. Distributor cannot be used with solid core (wire core) ignition wires.

  • CNC machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum housings offer maximum strength
  • Housing is hand polished and buffed to a high luster
  • Tempered distributor shaft for accurate timing and extended operational life
  • Upper ball bearing and extra long oil impregnated bronze lower bushing provide high RPM stability
  • Ignitor II module with adaptive dwell maintains peak energy throughout the RPM range
  • Cobalt magnets and Hall Effect trigger for stable timing and precise spark distribution
  • Adjustable mechanical advance with proprietary limiting function permits multiple settings
  • Factory set with a performance advance curve
  • Additional springs for custom advance curves are provided
  • High dielectric strength cap and rotor with brass terminals and contact

447-10070 Instructions (PDF)


  1. This distributor has both a "mechanical advance" (with return springs and advance weights that swing out dependent upon engine rpm) and a "vacuum advance" canister on the side of the distributor body. The vacuum advance uses a small vacuum hose that attaches to the carburetor which allows the ignition to be advanced during periods of high intake manifold vacuum (part-throttle and deceleration mostly) which contribute greatly to engine efficiency, economy, cooling, and throttle response.
  2. A small allen wrench inserted into the vacuum hose connection of the vacuum canister allows the tuner to adjust the amount of vacuum-induced advance. Different advance weights and return springs from an “Advance Weight Kit” intended for a GM points-type distributor (such as our 550-927) can be used to vary the rate and amount of advance induced by the increase of engine rpm.
  3. With more radical or “lopey” cams, the mechanical advance becomes more important. The vacuum signal becomes erratic in those situations and the vacuum advance canister becomes ineffective.
  4. Diameter at base of cap on outside of hold down boss is 5”. Cap is 4-1/32” tall.

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Product Q&A

1 questions : 1 answers

1 answers

How much use has it had, has it been altered, and does normal warranty apply?

Minnesota, USA
July 13, 2013

How much use has it had, has it been altered, and does normal warranty apply?


July 15, 2013
This flame thrower distributor has not been altered or ran, installed only. Sorry, garage sale items have no warranty or returns.
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547-8467 Instructions (PDF)