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Garage Sale - Offy 1939-48 Ford Flathead Aluminum Heads


Garage Sale:

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a pair.
  • This product is discontinued.



Q & A

What's in the Box

These Offy flathead Ford heads are finned for high heat dissipation, bigger water capacity for "built" engines and everybody knows, nothing beats a full-dress flathead for beauty! Heads have a .400" valve relief.

3-5/16" bore, 4" stroke = 9:1 compression ratio
3-5/16" bore, 3 3/4" stroke = 8.6:1 compression ratio.


This item is garage sale priced because one has been bolted on, run, and has damage.



Item Details

This item is garage sale priced because one has been bolted on, run, and has some damage.

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Edelbrock 1125 1939-48 Flathead Finned Heads

Free 75th Anniversary Jacket - See Heads and Threads Promo for details 

For early Ford and Mercury Flathead 24-stud V8 engines, 1938-1948. Extensive R&D and modern CAD systems give these heads more power potential and greater heat control than any before! Work well on stock or modified engines. Has a 65cc chamber producing 8:1 compression with the stock bore & stroke.

  • The original Edelbrock design for Fords and Mercurys
  • Rugged, ribbed internally and externally, with a large water capacity and excellent breathing characteristics
  • Cast at the Edelbrock Foundry in the USA of T-6 tempered A356 aluminum
  • 8.0:1 compression ratio on blocks with a 3/16" base relief (stock bore and stroke)
  • Compression ratio increase is approximately 3/10 of a percent with each 1/8" stroke

NOTE: These heads should accept .410 valve lift. Edelbrock has changed the spark plug configuration for these heads recently. They now recommend Champion plug 271-RC12YC or Autolite 373-3924.

325-1125 Instructions (PDF)

1939-48 Flathead Big Bore Head Gaskets, Copper

Head gaskets for use with all bores from 3-1/16" to 3-3/8". For 1939-1948 flathead Ford V8 engines. The compressed thickness of these gaskets is .070".

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Flathead Cylinder Head Stud Kit

Performance engine builders know that head studs are superior to bolts, and this is especially the case on Flathead Ford and Mercury V8s. Flathead decks are thin and their threads are easily stripped. By installing studs, you avoid damaging the threads in the block through repeated use. The combination of the studs' fine outer threads and hardened washers also prevents galling and ensures accurate torque readings, particularly on aluminum heads.

  • Studs utilize superior "pull down torque"
  • Properly fastens and torques both aluminum and iron heads

910-15310 Instructions (PDF)

Champion 844 H10C SE Flathead Spark Plugs

These spark plugs fit all 1939-53 Flathead Fords. Work very well with our ignitions.

  • 14mm threads
  • 7/16" reach
  • 13/16" hex
  • Flat gasket seal