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Garage Sale - Demon Triple D SixShooter Intake - SBC Vortec

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Garage Sale - Demon Triple D SixShooter Intake - SBC Vortec

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This product is discontinued.



Q & A

What's in the Box

The Triple D Six Shooter from Demon™ is the ultimate intake package.  It features an all new intake design, three newly designed 250 cfm carbs, electronic choke on center carb, custom fuel log and progressive linkage, a 3" tall air cleaner and custom water neck.  TriPower like you have never seen it before!

Triple-D Manifold features: 

  • A ground-up intake runners and plenum design
  • Demon 2-Barrel Carburetors feature:

  • Intake delivers superior distribution to cylinders
  • Clean, clutter-free design
  • Patent-pending streamlined water neck housing minimizes leak potentials with superior version clamping on the thermostat assembly and a recessed well accumulates any seepage that may occur and prevents unsightly stains.
  • 250 cfm units with side hung float bowl assemblies
  • Center carburetor serving as the primary carburetor, equipped with an electric choke.
  • Outboard carburetors use a progressive throttle linkage connected to the center carburetor.
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    Kit also features:  

  • Attractive billet aluminum/stainless steel fuel log feeds the carburetors from a forward
    mounted fuel source. Uses banjo fittings with double O-rings and the connecting tube is a
    tight compression fit over the O-ring seals.
  • Aluminum Rush Performance Filters air filter assembly complete with a 3-inch tall Rush
    cleanable/reusable filter
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