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Garage Sale - ACL P-Series Main Bearings - Small Block Chevy 400

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Garage Sale:
Garage Sale - ACL P-Series Main Bearings - Small Block Chevy 400

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ACL P-Series Duraglide tri-metal main bearings for Small Block Chevy 400 c.i. V-8.

Use P-Series main bearings in situations where higher eccentricity is desired and to provide increased oiling to rod bearings.





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Clevite P-Series Small Block Chevy 400 Main Bearings
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Not to be confused with standard "passenger" car bearings, Clevite's P-Series is their oldest line of premium high performance bearings. These sets are specifically for 400 c.i. Small Block Chevy V-8 engines (1970-1980).

  • Use P-Series rod bearings where extremely high RPM’s cause severe rod bore close-in.
  • Use P-Series main bearings where higher eccentricity is desired to narrow bearing contact patterns and to provide increased oiling to rod bearings.

P-Series Features (Link)

King HP Series Chevy 400 Main Bearings
(Part #910509HP)
  • Bi-metal aluminum silicon alloy featuring fine micro-bore finish
  • Mains and rods are narrowed for large radius crankshafts
  • Mains are 3/4 grooved for improved oiling to the rod journals
  • Greater rod bearing height improves bearing-to-bore contact/heat transfer and reduces spin potential at high RPM
  • 0.015" thick top layer for superior macro particle embedability and conformability
  • 40 Vickers hardness to resist overlay migration and extrusion
  • 450°F heat threshold for superior protection against friction and overheating