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Garage Sale - 9 Inch Ford Small Yoke

Garage Sale - 9 Inch Ford Small Yoke

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This product is discontinued.



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We found a limited supply of new small yokes for the 9" Ford.  They accept the 1310 series U-joints (1-1/16" caps x 3-7/32").  Fits standard 28 spline pinion gear.


This yoke is garage sale priced because it has been installed and returned. 





  • Thickness of ear where u-bolts go through is .818" or 13/16"
  • Depth from face to bottom of u-joint cap recess is .520 or 1/2" plus
  • Space between ears where u-joint caps fit is 3.211" or 3-3/16" plus
  • Overall length is 4"
  • Outside diameter at seal area is 1.813"
  • Center to center of u-bolt holes is 1-3/8"

Item Details

This yoke is garage sale priced because it has been installed and returned.

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