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Garage Sale - 525 Road Demon Jr. Street Carb


Garage Sale:

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This product is discontinued.



Q & A

What's in the Box

The Road Demon Jr promises to be the ideal carburetor for budget-conscious enthusiasts needing a carburetor for performance upgrades for stock to mild performance levels.

The Road Demon Jr shares many of the basic design features of popular Road Demon and delivers crisp throttle response, easy tuning, great fuel economy and great performance.

These vacuum secondary carbs feature sight glass in bowls, two corner adjustability, adjustable primary jets, three vacuum ports, single inlet and tuning manual.  Choose size and manual or electric choke.

Installation Note:

The choke plate linkage mechanism will interfere with most air cleaner bases and will require modification for clearance.  Please see photos above for illustration of this interference and the type of modification needed to allow the use of this unit.

 Effective Monday 2-21-11 this part is now offered without a warranty and is sold "as is".


This carb is garage sale priced because it has been installed, run and returned.  This one will need to be rebuilt before use.








The Road Demon Jr. works great with camshafts of less than 220° degrees duration @ .050".

Barry Grant recommends the following applications:

525 CFM

  • Mild Performance V-6
  • Near stock 260-305 c.i. V-8


Road Demon Jr. Carburetors Feature:

  • Vacuum Secondary operation
  • Manual Choke or Electric Choke
  • Built-in Power Valve blow out protection
  • Adjustable Primary Jets
  • 2 Corner idle adjustment
  • Vacuum ports: 2 constant, 1 ported
  • Large diameter, trouble-free transfer tube with dual-captured O-rings
  • Float bowls with EZ-Safe float level adjustment
  • Can be affordably upgraded with BG Fuel System components
  • Includes a detailed tuning manual
  • Most tuning parts interchange from other manufacturers (Jets, Power Valves, Squirters, Needle & Seat Assemblies, Gaskets etc.)

Item Details

with Manual Choke
This carb is garage sale priced because it has been installed, run and returned. This one will need to be rebuilt before use.

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