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Front Shock Mounts

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Overall Width:
3-1/8" vertical distance from frame to center line of hole. 4-1/2" horizontal distance from outside edge to center line of hole.
Front Shock Mounts
Front Shock Mounts
Front Shock Mounts

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What's in the Box

Bolt-on for early frames, heliarc welded steel. Perfect for shocks! 5" tall, 1⁄2" I.D. shock boss. Sold as a pair.

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Rear Shock Mount Bolts
(Part #91036095)

Rear shock mounting bolt has a 1/2" stud and a 5/8" shank. The under head length on this bolt is 2.75", and 1.5" of that is threaded.

Bolts sold individually.
Speedway Shock Towers
(Part #91636501)

These upper shock mounts are 10-1/2" from the bottom edge to the centerline of the shock hole. The shock hole is tapered from both directions and will either require our 535-AK35 shock stud kit, or be drilled out to 5/8". 

These mounts are a cut-to-fit item and require welding and fabrication skills.  

Forged Lower Shock Mounts, Plain
(Part #91036105)

New, FORGED steel lower shock mount design is stronger than the competition and incorporates a key slot to stop the rotation other brands suffer from. Machining of matching key slot into perch bolts may be required.  Stud for the shock eye mount is 5/8".

Axle Spring Over Illustration (Link)

Stainless Steel Upper Front Shock Bracket, Unpolished
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These trick & classy stainless steel brackets feature hidden mount bolt holes.