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Ford Racing M-6566-D351 N351 Head Pushrod Guide Plates

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Black Oxide
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Set of (8).
Ford Racing M-6566-D351 N351 Head Pushrod Guide Plates

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a set.
  • This product is discontinued.



Q & A

What's in the Box

Stepped design for the Ford N351 Sportsman iron heads. Use with mechanical cams, threaded stud, adjustable (non-rail) rocker arms and hardened push rods. May require modification for use with roller rocker arms.

Fits 289/302 with N351 heads.  

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Small Block 302 Ford Pushrods, 6 7/8 Inch
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                        These heat-treated pushrods are designed to be used on 289/302 Ford  blocks using 302/351W heads. For use with guide plates. 5/16"  diameter.
429/460 Ford Pushrod Guide Plates, 3/8 Inch
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                        If your engine has non-adjustable rockers and you are switching to our high performance rockers, you will need to use these guide plates and studs. Machining may be required. 
Ford N351 Head Pushrods, 289/302 Block, 7.600 Inch
(Part #91514000)

These one-piece chromoly pushrods are designed to be used on 1963-96 289/302 Ford blocks using the Ford Racing SVO "N" head. Hardened and ground for use with guide plates. 5/16" diameter, 7.600" long.

These are for flat tappet or hydraulic camshafts only. DO NOT use with roller camshafts.

Ford N351 Head Rocker Arm Studs
(Part #91599351)

For use with Ford Racing SVO N351 Sportsman iron heads. For use with stud girdles.  

  • 7/16" dia. shoulder
  • Head side threads: 7/16" coarse
  • Rocker side threads: 7/16" fine
  • Mounting length is 1.850"
Isky 200AGP Adjustable Guide Plates, 5/16 Inch Push Rods, Small Block Chevy
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These adjustable flat steel guide plates are designed for use on SBC cylinder heads with relocated intake ports.

  • For 5/16" push rods
  • 2-piece adjustable
  • Can be welded after final adjustment
  • For Small Block Chevy V8/V6
  • Sold as a set of 8