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Chrome Oil Pan Ford 429-460

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Chrome Oil Pan Ford 429-460
Chrome Oil Pan Ford 429-460
Chrome Oil Pan Ford 429-460
Chrome Oil Pan Ford 429-460
Chrome Oil Pan Ford 429-460
Chrome Oil Pan Ford 429-460

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Q & A

What's in the Box

This chrome steel oil pan is 8-1/8" deep in the sump. The sump ends 9-1/4" from the end and starts upwards towards the block. 6" from the end at the shallow end it is 4-1/2" deep and at 1" from the end, it is 4-1/8" deep.

Note: LH is the driver's side and RH is the passenger's side. Please check before ordering.

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  • 0.625" pilot shaft
  • Aircraft industry tolerances
  • 5.500” block-to-hub distance
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910-155 Instructions (PDF)

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