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Flowmaster 15935 2-1/4 Inch U-Fit Dual Exhaust Kit

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16 piece kit doesn't include any mufflers or hardware.
Flowmaster 15935 2-1/4 Inch U-Fit Dual Exhaust Kit

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Q & A

What's in the Box

These 16-gauge mandrel bent kits are for you guys who are doing your own thing and building your own dual exhaust. Includes front adaptor pipes, intermediate pipes, H-pipe assembly, over the axle pipes and a couple different tailpipes. Each piece is aluminized and has a slip-fit connection.

Kit includes:
  • Front adapter pipes
  • Intermediate pipes
  • H-pipe assembly
  • Over-the-axle pipes
  • Your choice of optional tailpipe exits
  • Slip-fit connections for easy assembly
  • Mandrel bent, 16-gauge aluminized steel tubing
  • Does not come with any hardware
  • At the connection points, one end is expanded for assembly purposes

U-Fit Dual Exhaust Installation Instructions (PDF)


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  • Thread size on clamps is 8mm-1.25
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The American Thunder 40 Series is the most aggressive sounding street and strip muffler in Flowmaster's product line. The 40 Series will generate extreme interior resonance within the vehicle. If you want to really hear your exhaust system inside as well as outside your vehicle the 40 Series is for you. 

The Flowmaster 40 Series two chamber muffler is the original bad boy for street/strip cars. Made of 16 gauge, aluminized steel, the unique design cancels out noise, but makes big power.

Overall measurement is 19" long, 9-3/4" wide and 4" thick. Body alone is 13" long. 

40 Series Muffler, 2.25" IN (O) / OUT (C): ea

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  • Four 90 Degree Pipes
  • Four 45 Degree Pipes 
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