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Flo-Tek 203505 Small Block Ford Aluminum Cylinder Head

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Material Type:
Sold in Quantity:
MFG. Part #:
Intake Runners:
180 cc
Exhaust Runners:
62 cc
Combustion Chamber:
Cylinder Head Style:
Spark Plug Style:
Intake Valve Diameter:
Exhaust Valve Diameter:
Spring Diameter:
Recommended Spark Plug: Motorcraft AGSF-32C or equivalent. Bored for 1/2" head bolts.
Flo-Tek 203505 Small Block Ford Aluminum Cylinder Head
Flo-Tek 203505 Small Block Ford Aluminum Cylinder Head
Flo-Tek 203505 Small Block Ford Aluminum Cylinder Head

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Q & A

What's in the Box

You don't need to spend a fortune to get a top-performing, lightweight aluminum cylinder head for your small-block Ford V8. This Flo-Tek head has a long list of high-end features, minus the hefty price tag.

  • Head is sold individually
  • 180cc intake runners
  • 62cc exhaust runners
  • 1.94" intake and 1.54" swirl-polished exhaust valves
  • 58cc chambers
  • Performance valve springs (.550 lift)
  • 115 lbs. spring seat pressure
  • Compatible with most flat tappet camshafts
  • Hardened locks and retainers
  • PC seals
  • High-temp exhaust seats
  • Multi angle valve job
  • Bronze guides
  • 3/8" rocker studs and guide plates

See how this Flo-Tek head stacks up against the competition in Car Craft Magazine's tech article; 6 Small Block Ford Cylinder Heads That Work.

Head Flow Specs:

Lift        Intake        Exhaust
.400      209          137
.500      223          161
.600      248          191


  • Recommended Spark Plug:  AGSF-32C
  • Valve Spring Type:  Single w/ Damper
  • Valve Spring Application:  Hydraulic & Solid Flat Tappet 
  • Valve Spring Diameter:  1.465" O.D.
  • Valve Spring Seat PRessure:  115 lbs.
  • Valve Spring Rate:  280 lbs/in.
  • Intake Valve:  1.94"
  • Exhaust Valve:  1.54"
  • Valve Type:  Stainless, Swirl-Polished
  • Air Flow Data:
    • Intake
      • 223 CFM @ .500"
      • 248 CFM @ .600"
    •  Exhaust
      • 161 CFM @ .500"
      • 191 CFM @ .600"


  • These Flo-tek aluminum heads are the answer to the performance enthusiast and work on the small block Fords including the later EFI series when used in conjunction with an aftermarket intake, carb, and camshaft. Aluminum heads allow for a higher compression ratio than cast heads without creating pre-ignition problems. Check your piston usage with the 58cc combustion chamber for accurate ratio computation.
  • If using the heads on a 289 or 302 the upper row is 80 pounds net and the lower is 70 pounds. Torqued in stock sequence and increments. If using on the 351 with the larger bolts it is 100 pounds net torque in same sequence and increments as stock.
  • The head uses 3/8 rocker studs and requires the use of adjustable rocker arms like our part number: 91511772. You will need to check your push rod length to determine the correct length before ordering them.
  • Depending on the how much extra lift you are going to go with, you may also need different valve spring retainers that allow for more valve spring installed height.
  • We recommend using part #1011543601 with this head, this is an ARP head bolt kit.
  • These Flo-Tek aluminum heads for the small block Ford are specified to take plug number AGSF-32C


  • Recommended Spark Plug:  AGSF-32C
  • Valve Spring Type:  Single w/ Damper
  • Valve Spring Application:  Hydraulic & Solid Flat Tappet 
  • Valve Spring Diameter:  1.465" O.D.
  • Valve Spring Seat PRessure:  115 lbs.
  • Valve Spring Rate:  280 lbs/in.
  • Intake Valve:  1.94"
  • Exhaust Valve:  1.54"
  • Valve Type:  Stainless, Swirl-Polished
  • Air Flow Data:
    • Intake
      • 223 CFM @ .500"
      • 248 CFM @ .600"
    •  Exhaust
      • 161 CFM @ .500"
      • 191 CFM @ .600"

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Plus, these fasteners are made of a specially alloyed Stainless 300 material, which has the added benefit of being virtually impervious to rust and corrosion. The stainless steel is polished to achieve a brilliant luster, and provides a distinctive, maintenance-free environment. Each kit has a dozen different type fasteners, all neatly organized and labeled in protective vacuum-wrapped packages. 

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  • Polished stainless steel 300 material
  • 170,000 psi tensile strength

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ARP 254-3708 Ford 302 w/ 351 Windsor Aluminum Cylinder Heads Bolt Kit
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All Pro Series bolts are cold-forged to ensure molecular integrity, heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining, and are rated nominally at 200,000 psi.  ARP Pro Series head bolt kits are application specific - designed for use with typically competition only components.  These fasteners deliver superior strength and meet the ARP "ZERO defect - ZERO failure" quality standard. Hardened and parallel-ground washers are included with each kit to ensure even load distribution and accurate torque readings.  All Pro Series head bolts have a reduced wrenching hex or 12-point head and wide area flange to eliminate the need for valve train removal for cylinder head retorquing and permits the use of larger diameter valve springs. Most applications have undercut short bolts that can help eliminate head gasket failures through providing more "stretch" to compensate for the additional compression of gaskets.

  • 12 point, Pro Series
  • 1/2"- 7/16" stepped bolt
  • Ford 302 with 351 Windsor heads
  • Full set of 20 bolts and washers
  • Comes complete with hardened parallel-ground washers

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