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Flathead Ford V8 Pressure Tester Kit

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1/4" NPT
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Flathead Ford V8 Pressure Tester Kit

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What's in the Box

Don't sink your hard-earned money into cleaning and machining that old flathead block until you've checked it for cracks. Speedway's pressure test kit makes it easy to check your flathead block for water leaks. It allows you to test one cylinder bank at a time to detect cracks or holes in your block, all in the comfort of your own garage or shop. It's also a great tool for making sure your crack repairs are water tight.

  • Kit includes (1) block plate, water pump adapter plates, bolts and pressure regulator
  • Fits 1936 nd newer 24-stud flatheads

Flathead Block Pressure Testing Instructions

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Flathead Block Pressure Testing Instructions