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EngineQuest TC351A EQ 302-351W Ford Timing Cover

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Fits '66-'84 289/302/351W with dipstick hole and fuel pump mount pad in cover. The dipstick hole can be covered with a plug (included).
EngineQuest TC351A EQ 302-351W Ford Timing Cover

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What's in the Box

Used ones are either cracked or corroded beyond use. These 100% new aluminum front timing covers have both fuel pump and dipstick provisions. Allows you to use mechanical fuel pump on later engines. Includes plug for dipstick hole if not required.

Fits 1966-84 Ford 289/302/351W V-8 engines.

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Ford Racing 302-001 Small Block Aluminum Valve Covers
(Part #91550205)

Polished aluminum valve covers are 3-3/4" tall with black letters. Will clear stud girdle and roller rockers. One hole in each cover for a PCV or a breather. Grommets are supplied for both, as well as baffle plates to install inside the covers for oil control. Comes with instructions.

  • Style of hole: Push-in
  • Suggested bolt length: 1"
  • These valve covers have baffles
Small Block Ford Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers
(Part #91017135)
                        Whether you're going for the hardcore race look or  just trying to save weight, these fabricated aluminum valve covers are  for you! These fully welded sheet aluminum covers feature a 1/8" thick  flange for a great seal. Can be painted, polished, or left in bare  aluminum finish. Bolts and washers included for mounting with valve  cover.

Fits 1962-1985 Small Block Ford 260-289-302-351W & 5.0L

Holley 12-833 1962-1974 Small Block Ford Street Fuel Pump
(Part #42512833)

These all-new (not rebuilt) mechanical fuel pumps from Holley have a 7-1/2 psi shut-off pressure and deliver 80 GPH. The adjustable lower housing permits fuel ports (1/4" NPT) to be rotated for best fuel line access. Pump fittings not included (sold separately). These pumps have a flash chrome finsih that is not show quality.

  • High Output Fuel Flow
  • Flows 80 GPH Free Flow
  • Shutoff Pressure Preset at 7.5 PSI
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator is Not Required
  • Heavy Duty Construction For Continuous High RPM Operation
  • Fuel Body Casting Can Be Rotated to Accommodate Various Plumbing Situations
  • Inlet & Outlet Tapped For 1/4" NPT

Holley Pump Tech Info (PDF)

Holley 12-289-13 S/B Ford Racing Pro Mechanical Fuel Pump, 130 GHP
(Part #425122892)

If you are looking for a high flow fuel pump you can depend on night after night, this is it! Holley's high output, heavy duty mechanical fuel pumps are constructed of rugged materials and feature fuel body castings that can be rotated to accommodate various plumbing situations. 3/8" NPT inlet and outlet.

  • High output fuel flow
  • Heavy duty construction for continuous high RPM performance
  • Six high flow valves ensure adequate and continuous fuel flow
  • Beefy steel rocker arm to help withstand race usage
  • Inlet & outlet tapped for 3/8" NPT

For Carbureted Ford 289/302/351W V8s running gasoline only. NOT for use with alcohol.

Holley Pump Tech Info (PDF)

Chrome Ford 289-302 Oil Dipstick
(Part #7209221)

Stock replacement chrome-plated engine oil dipstick and tube for 260-289-302 Small Block Ford V-8. Installs into the front cover.

Note: Fits front sump oil pans only.

Ford Racing M-6880-A50 90 Degree Oil Filter Adapter
(Part #9106880)

There are times you just don't have room for the oil filter on your Ford powered toy. This adapter attaches where the oil filter mounts and turns the filter 90 degrees. Rotate filter toward front of engine to provide clearance for engine swaps and chassis modifications.

Fits most Ford V8 and some 4 cyl. engines that use Fram PH8A/HP1 or Motorcraft FL-1A oil filters.