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Dart 42811000 Small Block Chevy Dual Plane Intake Manifold


Intake Manifold Type:
Dual Plane
Carburetor Quantity:
Carburetor Flange Type:
4-Barrel Square Bore

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Q & A

What's in the Box

The perfect match for Dart small-block heads. A boundry layer of cool air beneath the plenum and runners insulates the fuel/air mixture from engine heat. This produces a denser intake charge and makes more power. The dual plane design maximizes mid-range torque, and a ribbed plenum floor promotes fuel atomization.

  • Recommended for 215cc and smaller intake ports
  • Accepts popular 4150 square carburetors
  • Dual distributor hold-downs to simplify timing adjustments
  • Raised water cross-over and air gap insulate intake charge
  • Integral bosses for nitrous injectors

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325-2101 Instructions (PDF)

NOTE: This intake does not work with kickdown kit 491-2350U.

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