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DOT Braided Stainless Brake Hoses, GM/Ford, 7/16-20

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DOT approved. Includes banjo bolts/washers, 3/8"-24 IFF frame adapter fittings, and frame tabs with clips.
DOT Braided Stainless Brake Hoses, GM/Ford, 7/16-20
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DOT Braided Stainless Brake Hoses, GM/Ford, 7/16-20

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Watch the video below to learn more about the differences in brake lines, flare types and fittings you may want to consider before plumbing away on your current chassis project.

Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a kit.



Q & A

What's in the Box

This line kit would be used to connect from "hard" lines on the rear axle to rear disc calipers when changing from drum to disc brakes. DOT approved brake line kits include two stainless steel -3 AN brake lines with the banjo fitting installed, banjo bolts and washers, 3/8"-24 IFF frame adapter fittings and frame tabs with clips. Includes -3 AN fittings and adapters to connect them to 3/16" brake line using a 3/8"-24 IFM flare nut.

  • Stainless steel braid over Teflon® hose
  • Reduces volumetric expansion of brake lines
  • Reduces brake fade
  • Less susceptible to debris than rubber line
  • Used to connect from hard line on rear axle to rear calipers when changing from drum to disc brakes

Kit includes:

  • (2) 8" stainless steel srake lines w/ 7/16" banjo on one end 
  • (2) 7/16" banjo bolts w/ crush washers
  • (2) 3/8" x 24 IFF apapters to the hard lines
  • (2) frame tabs & clips


  1. If using 1/4" brake line with a 7/16"-24 flare nut on your chassis, use adapter fitting # 9103183-3/8 which has a 3/8"-24 IF male and a 7/16"-24 IF female configuration.
  2. Brake System Builder Tip (GIF)

Item Details

GM/Ford with 7/16"-20 caliper threads

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