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Currie 9 Inch Ford Rear Axle Kit

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Currie 9 Inch Ford Rear Axle Kit
Currie 9 Inch Ford Rear Axle Kit
Currie 9 Inch Ford Rear Axle Kit
Currie 9 Inch Ford Rear Axle Kit
Currie 9 Inch Ford Rear Axle Kit
Currie 9 Inch Ford Rear Axle Kit
Currie 9 Inch Ford Rear Axle Kit

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Currie's Universal Hot Rod Ford 9" kit includes a brand new 56" housing, lifetime warranty 31 spline axles, new axle bearings and seals, and new style big Ford ends. 

  • Housing is 56" from axle face to axle face
  • Axles drilled for 5 x 4-1/2" Ford/Mopar and 5 x 4-3/4" Chevy/GM bolt patterns
  • Includes wheel studs, 1/2"-20 Ford and 7/16"-20 Chevy
  • 1/4" heavy duty late model large bearing style retainer plates

Note: Axle bearing does not come pressed onto the axle shaft, and wheel studs are not installed. Third member not included.

Currie Rear Axle Installation Instructions

How to Measure Your Housing Tech Tip (Link)

Need a certain length not found on our site?  Check out Currie's 9+ Rearend Calculator to have specially sized axles or rearend housings made for your specific application.  Custom orders will be built and processed directly through Currie Enterprizes and shipped to your door. For ease of ordering, please refer to Currie's Dimension Diagram

Installation Notes:

When installing new axles in rearends with posi traction differentials, be sure to install the driver's side axle first to keep the splines properly aligned.  Failure to do so may move the two splined gears out of alignment, and it may be difficult to install the driver's side axle properly if the passenger side axle is already installed.

If installation of passenger side axle is done first it may require two people when installing the driver's side axle, with both parties rotating reach axle until splines are in line and the driver's side axle fully sides into the housing.

To ensure you get the most out of your new 9 Inch components, Currie recommends that you perform a proper break-in process:

  • Use a name brand mineral-based gear oil, preferably 85w140 (Extremely high quality synthetic oils may be used once break-in process has been successfully performed)
  • Place vehicle on jack stands and let the rearend spin while the vehicle idles - run transmission in both forward and reverse periodically throughout the process
  • Continue to run the rearend until the pinion gets hot (place hand on bottom of the differential housing to verify this)
  • Proper break-in allows:
    • The ability to install new axles and hit the track the same day without worry
    • Extended life for rearend components
    • Keeps the quality and life of your gear oil

Note: If you find that your rearend is running somewhat "tight" be sure to add Currie's 9+ Friction Modifier to "loosen up".  If a more aggressive performance is desired, Friction Modifier is not needed.




  • 2.500" brake spacing offset
  • 2.800" axle register diameter


  • 2.500" brake spacing offset
  • 2.800" axle register diameter

You may also be interested in:

9 Inch Ford Rear End Overhaul Kit
(Part #9190950)
                        This 9" Ford overhaul kit includes: pinion pilot, pinion shaft, pinion nut, pinion seal, gasket, shims, crush collar, sealant, gear marking grease, brush and Loctite. Ring gear bolts not included. 

NOTE: All Ford 9" full spools use overhaul kit 9190950-31, even if they are a 28-spline spool. The 9190950-31 contains the large I.D. standard O.D. carrier bearings and pinion bearings needed for use with our full spools.

If you are using the H.D. nodular iron center section which uses the large diameter carrier bearings, order kit 9190950-31s, which also includes the large pinion bearings for use with the Daytona pinion support.

9" Ford Carrier Bearing Chart (GIF)  - Double check your bearing p/n.

Ford 9 Inch Posi Traction Third Member Assembly
(Part #91048345)

If you’re looking for a complete third member for your Ford 9-inch rear end housing, but want the added performance of a limited slip differential, Speedway Motors now offers you a 9" Ford street 3rd member for your street rod. We start with reclaimed, genuine Ford 9-inch carrier housings and then clean and inspect them prior to installing all-new bearings, seals, a 1310-series yoke, and your choice of ring-and-pinion gears. The 1310-series yoke is the correct size for many Ford applications with cups 1-1/16 inch in outside diameter and a span of 3-7/32 inch across.

These Ford 9 inch third member assemblies feature a Currie 9-Plus limited slip differential available in 28 or 31 spline axle shaft configurations. This clutch-type differential is perfect for light-to-medium weight street vehicles where one wants posi-action and long clutch life, without the adverse handling effects or noise of a full locker. When coasting around turns, the clutches are disengaged to extend clutch life. When accelerating in a straight line on dry pavement, the clutches engage, sending equal power to both wheels for maximum traction. This makes them ideal for street use, with the occasional trip to the drag strip as well.

All third members are assembled by our team of professionals and are delivered to you in a handy plastic carrying case, for an overall value that can’t be beat

Available in your choice of 3.50, 3.70, 3.89, 4.11 or 4.56 gear ratio.

Gear lube recommendations :

  • 91044090 - for street and every day driving under normal conditions
  • 91044140 -  for extreme duty, towing, or very hot climates

Currie Differential Tech Bulletin (PDF)

Instructions (PDF)

New 9 Inch Ford Iron Carrier Housing w/3.062 Inch Caps
(Part #91048390)

If you have built anything that has serious horsepower you know the weak link can be the stock Ford 9" carrier. The pinion area tends to be weak and if you throw enough power at it, it will break. That won't happen with this brand new housing. 

This new cast iron housing is built to take street/strip abuse without the fear of breaking. Case has forged caps and extra beef where it's needed. Most stock differentials use the 3.062" o.d. bearings # TLM603049 w/ 1.781" i/d. You should also add a new heavy duty cast iron pinion support while you're at it. 

  • Forged Steel Caps
  • 1/2" Allen head grade 8 bolts
  • Heavy Duty Housing - 36 lbs.
  • Good for 1100 plus horsepower 
New Ford 9 Inch Aluminum Carrier Housing w/3.062 Inch Caps
(Part #91048393)

This brand new carrier housing is built to take street/strip abuse without the fear of breaking. Our aluminum housing has forged caps and extra beef where it's needed. Most stock differentials use the 3.062" o.d. bearings # TLM603049 w/ 1.781" i/d.

The aluminum case will save you 20 lbs. over the cast iron version. You should also add a new heavy duty aluminum pinion support while you're at it. 

Carrier caps torque to 95 ft lbs.

NEW Ford 9 Inch Posi Traction Third Member
(Part #91048445)

Our completely NEW 9" Ford third members start with a heavy duty cast iron carrier featuring the larger, cast iron Daytona pinion support. Then we use a Currie 9+ limited slip differential in your choice of 28 or 31 spline and a 3.50, 3.70, 3.89, 4.11, or 4.56 gear ratio ring & pinion. Also includes NEW bearings and seals. Shipped ready for use in a plastic case.

Currie Differential Tech Bulletin (PDF)

Currie 95300 1/2 x 1-15/16 Inch Wheel Stud
(Part #91095300)

These wheel studs manufactured from Currie Enterprises are designed for use in disc or drum brake applications. The press-in style wheel studs are made of  a high strength steel and are sold individually.

  • 1/2" x 1-15/16" Stud
  • Underhead Length: 1.938"
  • Sold Individually
  • For use in disc or drum brake applications
  • Stronger than stock
Currie 95302 1/2 x 3 Inch Wheel Stud
(Part #91095302)

This wheel stud manufactured from Currie Enterprises is made of a high strength steel. Its press-in design makes it stronger than stock. These wheel studs are sold individually.

  • Press-In Design
  • 1/2" x 3" Stud
  • .610 Knurl
  • Sold Each
Currie 95304 7/16 x 1-11/16 Inch Wheel Stud
(Part #91095304)

This wheel stud manufactured by Currie Enterprises is made from a high strength steel. Its press-in design makes it stronger than stock.

  • Press-In Design
  • .610 Knurl
  • Stonger than stock
  • Sold each 

Ford Racing 11 Inch Drum Brake Kit, 2-1/2 Offset
(Part #91031937)
                        We offer these rear drum brake kits for popular 9" Ford rear axles. Each kit has new 11" x 2-1/4" drums, backing plates, shoes, wheel cylinders, springs, emergency brake arm and hardware.  

Fits New style Big Ford housing with 2-1/2" axle offset and 3.15" axle bearing. Drums drilled for 5 on 4-1/2" bolt pattern.

Axle Flange Identification Chart (Link)

Garage Sale - Ford Racing Rear Disc Kit w/ E-Brake
(Part #91031998)

Looking for a low cost way to add rear disc brakes to your Ford  8.8" or 9" equipped hot rod, without searching the junk yards? Look no further. This Ford Racing rear disc brake kit includes OE quality single-piston calipers, 11.8" vented rotors, E-coated caliper mounting bracket, and all mounting components. Plus, the E-coated backing plate features an integral parking brake for a convenient install.

Kit is designed for the late model Ford 8.8" truck and 9" (New Style Big Ford housing with 3.15 bearings, 2.5" offset) rear axles. Will NOT work with Mustang 8.8" axle.

Rotors are drilled for 5 on 4-1/2" bolt pattern. See Notes tab for important install info.

Will Not Work On 15" or 16" Wheels.

Axle Flange ID Chart





Wilwood 140-7140 Rear Disc Brake Kit, Big Ford 9 Inch New 2-1/2 Offset
(Part #8351407140)

Wilwood Dynalite rear brake kits combine high performance braking, high-tech style, and functional simplicity for rear axle disc brake conversions that require a parking brake. Whether it's a simple conversion from drum brakes, or an upgrade to compliment wheels, tires or suspension equipment, these kits have it all.  

The emergency brake functions as a drum brake hidden within the mounting hat of the rotor for a clean installation. E-brake cables sold separately. Caliper has a 1/8" npt inlet.

  • Big 12.19" x .810" one-piece vented rotors
  • Rotors drilled to accept 5 on 4-1/2", 5 on 4-3/4" and 5 on 5" bolt patterns
  • Forged billet four-piston calipers
  • BP-10 Smart pads for a quick response and fade resistance
  • Aluminum mounting brackets
  • Includes all hardware

835-1407140 Instructions (PDF)

Axle Flange Identification Chart  (GIF)