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Copper Battery Cable Ends, 2 Gauge, 3/8 Inch Hole


Material Type:
Sold in Quantity:
Hole Diameter:
Material Thickness:
Accepts 2 GA. wire, 10 each in bag

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a bag.



Q & A

What's in the Box

Tubular copper battery cable ends with ring-style lugs.

Sold in bags of 10.

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Tubular copper battery cable ends with ring-style lugs. Available in three popular sizes.

Sold in bags of 10.

Tubular Copper Battery Cable Ends, 1/0 Gauge, 3/8 Inch Hole

These tough copper lugs provide a reliable electrical connection to supply power to your circuits from your battery cable or power cable. Flared entry copper lugs have a wide open end barrel to ensure easy entry for the wire or cable. 

Tubular copper battery cable ends with ring-style lugs. 

  • Lugs are made of 99% pure copper tubing and are flared to allow for easy cable entry.
  • Use to connect large gauge wire and cable to batteries and junctions
  • These lugs can be crimped and/or soldered to the cable
  • For SAE cable 1/0 gauge and Stud size 3/8". The cable size is stamped on the tongue for easy identification
  • Amperage Rating: 125 Voltage Rating: up to 600.
  • 1/0 Gauge
  • 3/8 Inch Hole 
  • Sold in bags of 10.
Accel 1843 Battery Cable, 3 Feet, 2 Gauge, Black Ground Cable

ACCEL battery wire is half the weight of traditional battery cable. The copper clad aluminum design allows your racecar to have the same amount of energy and power running thru your battery cables but at half the weight. This allows you to lighten up your car or add weight were it will help the car handle better.

  • 3 Feet universal battery grounding cable- 2 Gauge ground wire in black
  • Lightning cable is half the weight of standard battery cable
  • Copper Clad aluminum allows maximum energy transfer
Accel 1853 Battery Cable Terminal Ends, Set of 4
                        These ACCEL 1853 battery cable terminal ends feature an eyelet, 2 Gauge fitting with a 3/8" hole and come in a set of 4.
  • Compression Fitting 2 Gauge
  • Simple Twist & Screw Connection
Accel 1861 Top Post Battery Cable Ends, 2 Pack
                        These ACCEL battery cable terminals feature easy-to-use compression fittings for 2-gauge wire.  They are made from heavy-duty lead and will maintain high conductivity with your battery.
  • Easy-to-use compression fitting
  • Will work with ACCEL Lightning cables.
  • For 2-gauge wire
  • Made from heavy-duty lead
Hammer-Style Bench Battery Cable Crimper
                        Hammer style crimper is something that everyone should have at home when making or replacing the ends of your battery cables.  Heavy-duty bench top model.