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COMP Cams 81216 High Energy Chevy Hydraulic Lifters

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Hydraulic Flat Tappet
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COMP Cams 81216 High Energy Chevy Hydraulic Lifters

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  • This item is sold as a set.



Q & A

What's in the Box

High Energy Hydraulic lifters have a patented constant orifice metering valve that precisely meters oil to the rocker arms. Continuous contact between the metering valve and pushrod seat is maintained, eliminating excessive oiling at high engine speeds. The pushrod seat is made of a special powdered metal iron alloy that is heat-treated for strength and wear resistance.

In addition, High Energy Lifters have a lightweight check valve disc that allows for quicker response, which results in increased engine speed before valve float. This check valve disc also maintains added control at all engine speeds and loads.

COMP Cams High Energy Hydraulic Lifters also contain a longer piston than conventional hydraulic lifters, which provides more load bearing surface and increases lifter longevity.


  • Chevy 348-409 (1958-65)
  • Chevy 265-400
  • Chevy 396-454


  • Diameter:  .842"
  • Seat Height:  1.99"
  • Weight:  94 grams

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Product Q&A

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1 answers

why would a hydraulic lifter freeze up, yet they come apart easily and have oil in them Engine ran fine week before, and then would not get over 5000rpm. Lifters appear locked up. Would get up to 7200rpm before no problem.

Minnesota, USA
June 23, 2014

why would a hydraulic lifter freeze up, yet they come apart easily and have oil in them Engine ran fine week before, and then would not get over 5000rpm. Lifters appear locked up. Would get up to 7200rpm before no problem.


June 23, 2014
If the internals of a hydraulic lifter are not working correctly it could either lock up at the top of its travel and hold the valve open or it could also fully compress an not allow full lift to be presented to the valve.
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