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Chrome Straight Blade Electric Fan

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Includes mounting ears.
Chrome Straight Blade Electric FanChrome Straight Blade Electric FanChrome Straight Blade Electric Fan
Chrome Straight Blade Electric Fan

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Q & A

What's in the Box

The 14" and 16" are clearnace items!



Keep your engine cool and your engine compartment bright with these electric fans, which have beautiful chrome cages. We now offer more powerful straight-blade designs in addition to our popular curved-blade fans. Straight-blade fans will be louder than curved blades.  Mounting kit sold separate.

Note:  The 12" version will be a reversible type that can be used as either a pusher or puller fan so they can be used in front of or behind the radiator. However, the 14" and 16" version will only be applicable as a puller type fan to be used behind the radiator.

Learn more about the importance of using a fan and shroud with our radiators by reading our tech article. Radiator Cooling Performance


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Flex-A-Lite 31147 Adjustable Electric Fan Control Kit
(Part #91064014)
                        This kit lets you make any electric fan thermostatically controlled. Just turn a knob to change activating temperature from 170°-240° F. Complete kit includes adjustable temperature control, 2' capillary tube, wire, terminals, and instructions. 

All electric fans and related components are 12 volt only.

910-64014 Instructions (PDF)

Cooling Fan Control for Electric Gauges
(Part #91064023)

This is the slickest thing we've seen in years. This adjustable box simply uses your electric temperature gauge as the sending unit to control your cooling fan. Features a built-in 30 amp relay to provide maximum power to your fan and it comes with a tiny LED lamp to let you know when the fan is running plus a fuselink to protect the wiring between the temperature control unit and the fan.

  • Easy to install and adjust 
  • No radiator tube
  • Uses existing wiring
  • Simple hookup
  • Fully adjustable
  • Driver-controlled temperature
  • A/C compressor switch to automatically turn on fans
  • 30 amp relay inside box
  • Protective fuse link
  • For 12 volt electrical systems
  • Measures 4-3/4" x 3" x 1-1/4"
SPAL Thermoswitch Relay and Wiring Harness Kit
(Part #91064028)

This easy to use cooling fan relay kit includes a labeled wiring harness, 40 amp relay, fuse holder and coolant sensor. Available with 185° on/165° off or 195° on/175° off. Works great with the Spal Pulse-Width Fan Controller.

  • Relay wiring kits are a must-have when installing an electric fan
  • Designed to safely integrate with OEM wiring
  • Waterproof 40/50 Amp relay
  • Printed wires (for ease of installation)
  • 3/8" NPT (National Pipe Thread) stainless steel switch
  • Optional switched override capability
910-64028 Instructions (PDF)
Chrome Curved Blade Electric Fan
(Part #91015449)

You've spent time and money to make things look good under the hood, but you still have that ugly old fan. These chrome beauties are the finishing touch you need under your hood. These fans are reversible, so they can be used in front of or behind the radiator. The blade must be reversed when switching from one style to the other.  Mounting kit sold separate.

  • Beautiful chrome finish
  • Molded plastic material
  • Reversible
  • Can be used as either a pusher or puller type
  • Choose between:
    • 12" 1500 CFM
    • 14" 1700 CFM
    • 16" 2100 CFM 
  • Mounting kit sold separate

Note: Will require a relay to keep from burning up the switch. Relay NOT included.

Turbo Swirl Fan Installation Instructions (PDF)

Learn more about the importance of using a fan and shroud with our radiators by reading our tech article. Radiator Cooling Performance.

Budget 40-Amp Relay Kit
(Part #91064044)

Use this handy 40 amp relay to wire up your 12 volt horn, electric fuel pump, electric fan with sensor, shaved door handles, or whatever! Contains relay, plug, wire, and instructions.

The wiring would be as follows (included in kit instructions):

  • Red Wire #30 Prong = main 12V power source
  • Black Wire #85 Prong = Electric fan sensor OR low (oil) pressure switch OR grounding switch
  • Blue Wire #86 Prong = 12V toggle switch OR ignition switch "ACC" terminal
  • Yellow Wire #87 Prong = to fan or fuel pump + lead
  • White Wire or Center Prong = not normally used 

Fan or Fuel Pump Relay Installation Instructions (PDF)

SPAL Curved Blade Fans
(Part #910153)

These SPAL fans feature curved blades which are much quieter than straight bladed fans. Pull type only. Available in 14" or 16" diameter.

No mounting hardware is include. You may wish to order 910-64065.

910-153 Instructions (PDF)

Learn more about the importance of using a fan and shroud with our radiators by reading our tech article. Radiator Cooling Performance.

AFCO 80197 Universal Electric Fan Mounting Kit
(Part #10680197)

This neat kit allows you to mount an electric fan to your street rod radiator. Works great with AFCO electric fans.

The maximum mounting distance on the plates of this kit is 22-1/4".  The minimum mounting distance on the plates is 15-1/4".

Instructions (PDF) 

Spal Fan Mounting Kit
(Part #91064065)
                        A mounting kit for Spal curved bladed fans.
Flex-A-Lite 31163 Temp Sensitive Variable Speed Control Fan Controller
(Part #35931163)
  • 45 amp rating
  • Senses coolant temperature via screw-in sensor (included)
  • Sets fan speed from 60% to 100% depending on built-in setting
  • Fan will run for 30 seconds after engine shut-off
  • Temp. range: 160°-220° F
  • 12 volt use only

359-31163 Instructions (PDF)