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Chrome HEI Wire Retainer Cap

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Overall Height:
Sold in Quantity:
Cap Terminal Style:
HEI / Male
Overall Diameter:
Inside Diameter:
Chrome HEI Wire Retainer Cap

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What's in the Box

Available in chrome only.

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Accel 140003 GM High Energy HEI Super Coil, Red/Yellow
(Part #105140003)
                        Delivers more voltage for faster starting and more efficient combustion. Fits GM HEI '73-'91 vehicles. Features ultra-fine magnet wire, high strength case with cooling ribs, cap head through bolts and carbon brush spring and coil gasket. Street legal. 0.50 OHM. 
Adjustable Vacuum Advance Kit, GM HEI Distributor
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Adjust your GM HEI distributor for any driving condition. This kit allows you to change the amount of ignition vacuum advance for maximum part-throttle performance while preventing the harmful effects of spark knock (detonation). Dial in as much spark advance as conditions permit — add more advance under light load conditions to improve throttle response and fuel economy, or limit spark advance in high compression engines and high load conditions to eliminate knock.

  • Built-in stop prevents the adjustment screw from "backing out" like other designs
  • Easy to install
  • Includes 3/32" Allen wrench and easy-to-follow instructions

287-99600 Instructions (PDF)

HEI Advance Curve Kit
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                        Modifies any GM HEI distributor with either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation and offers plenty of curve possibilities.  Center plate eliminates overcentering of centrifugal weights.  Comes complete with detailed instructions. 

NOTE: Installation of this kit may alter emission levels.

550-929 Instructions (PDF) 

Vacuum Advance Cover
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