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Chrome B/B Chevy Fuel Pump Blockoff


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What's in the Box

Chrome plated steel fuel pump block off plate for 396-454 Big Block Chevy V-8. Includes gasket.

Item Details

396-454 B/B Chevy, Gasket Included

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Finned Aluminum B/B Chevy Fuel Pump Blockoff

Chrome finned aluminum fuel pump block off plate for 396-454 Big Block Chevy. Gasket NOT included.

Speedway High Performance Black 140 GPH Electric Fuel Pump

Speedway fuel pumps are designed for street/strip application. Externally accessible pressure relief valves and repair kits are readily available. Not for use with fuel injection systems. Compatible with alcohol or methanol fuels. Flows 140 GPH (free flow). Pressure is pre-set at 9 PSI. A regulator is required.


Speedway Red Electric Fuel Pump

Speedway Electric fuel pump is a standard pressure street pump for gasoline only. It has a maximum pressure preset of 7 psi and a free flow capacity of 97 gph. It flows 67 gph while maintaining 5 psi. No regulator required. 

  • Internally regulated at 7 psi
  • Gravity fed fuel "pusher" design
  • Mount below lowest point of fuel tank
  • 3-1/2" from mounting bracket surface to the very front of the pump
  • Fittings with pump are for 3/8" hose
Speedway Electric Fuel Pump, Blue
                        Speedway's Blue electric fuel pump with regulator is a max-pressure performance pump for gas applications only.  The pressure is preset at 14 psi and the free capacity is 110 gph.  It flows 70 gph while maintaining 9 psi.  Regulator 91012803 is supplied.