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Chrome Ah-Ooo-Gah Horn 12v

Chrome Ah-Ooo-Gah Horn 12v
Chrome Ah-Ooo-Gah Horn 12v
Chrome Ah-Ooo-Gah Horn 12v

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Chrome Ahhoogah Horn 12v 110 dB(A) 490Hz frequency.

  • Ah-ooo-Gah Horn with Chomed Plastic Body
  • 490 Hz Frequency
  • Sound Output: 110 db (+-) 10 db
  • Chrome Plated, Economic Style

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Black Ah-oo-gah Horn
(Part #91122660)
                        Classic "Ah-oo-gah" horn sound powered by a heavy duty motor. Commonly called the ooga horn. This oogah horn provides 112 decibels and is easy to install. 12 Volt. 
Universal Relay for Fan/Horn
(Part #91064109)

This heavy duty relay takes the heavy-amp load off the switch, thus preventing an overheated circuit and a possible wiring harness fire. Works well with electric fans and horn circuits too. 30 amp relay.

The wiring for the relay is as follows:

  • Short Red Wire (from relay post 87) = power lead to horn or fan
  • Long Red Wire (from relay post 30) = main power supply in
  • Short Black Wire (from relay post 85) = makes ground connection thru a temp sensitive switch or a grounding horn button
  • Long Gray Wire (from relay post 86) = connects to switched 12 volt power (like ignition switch) so horn or fan turns on/off with key

Includes relay, circuit breaker, wire, terminals and instructions.

Universal Fan Relay Installation Instructions (PDF)

Budget 40-Amp Relay Kit
(Part #91064044)

Use this handy 40 amp relay to wire up your 12 volt horn, electric fuel pump, electric fan with sensor, shaved door handles, or whatever! Contains relay, plug, wire, and instructions.

The wiring would be as follows (included in kit instructions):

  • Red Wire #30 Prong = main 12V power source
  • Black Wire #85 Prong = Electric fan sensor OR low (oil) pressure switch OR grounding switch
  • Blue Wire #86 Prong = 12V toggle switch OR ignition switch "ACC" terminal
  • Yellow Wire #87 Prong = to fan or fuel pump + lead
  • White Wire or Center Prong = not normally used 

Fan or Fuel Pump Relay Installation Instructions (PDF)