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Chevy Weld-In Motor Mounts

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20.38" bushing eye-to-eye when bolted to a Chevy block (each mount is 3.31" long to center of bushing). Three engine mount holes are 3.50" center-to-center. Frame brackets are 3-7/8" long.
Chevy Weld-In Motor MountsChevy Weld-In Motor Mounts
Chevy Weld-In Motor Mounts

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a pair.



Q & A

What's in the Box

More often than not, we are trying to put an engine in something that no one has built bolt-in mounts for. If that's your story, we have just the deal for you! This S/B Chevy and B/B Chevy motor mount has a poly bushing in it giving you a vibration free installation.

This mount will use replacement bushing 916-34545.

Welding and fitting required.

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Billet Small Block Chevy Motor Mounts

Our billet motor mounts are machined from 2025 aluminum and include bushing inserts. Fully polished finish. Includes universal frame adaptors.

  • Flange Face to Bushing Eye:  3.5"
  • These mounts are generally too wide for Model T & Model A chassis
Chevy Aluminum Side Engine Mounts, Plain

Universal fit motor mounts. Heat treated aluminum construction. Fits S/B, B/B, 90° V6 Chevy. 

Use with cushion kit # 7209314.

S/B, B/B or 90 Degree V6 Chevy Crossmember Mount

Mount a Chevy engine in almost any frame up to 39" wide. Heavy wall 1-3/4" tubing, MIG welded. Comes with ends for bolt-in or weld-in applications.

  • Maximum working width: 39"
  • Minimum working width: 21"
  • 5.50" center drop

Use with 1964-1967 Chevy-style mounts 91018012 (rubber) or 91018015 (polyurethane).

Polished Stainless Steel Chevy Motor Mounts
                        Our polished stainless steel motor mounts for S/B and B/B Chevy engines include polyurethane bushings and trim-to-fit 1/4" steel weld-on frame brackets. Add a touch of class to your dream car. 
Universal Engine Mount Kits

Available for small block Chevy, GM LS or Ford applications.

Each kit includes:

  • Weld on frame pads
  • Rubber bolt through cushion
  • Engine pads
  • Hardware
Small Block Chevy Engine Mount Kit
                        These complete engine conversion mount kits are perfect for that custom hot rod.  They are designed to work with almost any fame that is up to 39" wide.  They feature heavy duty tubing with quality welds sure to hold up to all that SBC horsepower.  Kits include 3-bolt rubber motor mounts and crossmember with ends for either bolt-in or weld-in applications.
  • Crossmember mounts a Chevy engine in almost any frame up to 39" wide
  • Heavy wall 1-3/4" tubing, MIG welded
  • Comes with ends for bolt-in or weld-in applications
  • 3-bolt S/B Chevy rubber motor mounts are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • Unique rubber formula provides good abrasion resistance and aging stability
Chevrolet Style Motor Mount Bolt Kit

These quality engine mount bolt kits are designed for use with Small Block and Big Block Chevy style motor mounts.  They feature a zinc coating with solid steel construction and come with all necessary bolts needed for a successful installation.

  • For SBC and BBC motor mounts
  • Zinc finish, steel construction
  • 3/8"-16 thread
  • Sold as a kit
ARP 430-3101 Chevrolet V6/V8 Mount-to-Block 12pt Motor Mount Bolt Kit

This ARP motor mount bolt kit comes with 6 polished, stainless steel bolts and washers. They are designed to bolt the motor mount to the block.

  • Chevy V6 & V8
  • 12-point fastener head style
  • Polished finish
  • Made in the U.S.A
ARP 130-3101 Chevy V6 / V8 Mount-to-Block 12pt Motor Mount Bolt Kit

This ARP motor mount bolt kit comes with 6 black oxide bolts and washers. They are designed to bolt the motor mount to the block.

  • Chevy V6 & V8
  • 12-point fastener head style
  • Black oxide finish
  • Made in the U.S.A
Stainless Steel Motor Mount Bolts, Chevy

These stainless socket head bolts are what you need to start off your perfect engine installation. 

  • Includes 6 bolts & 6 lock washers
  • Can be polished if desired
  • As with all stainless hardware, anti-seize recommended
Flange - Link Type Bushing

Brand new polyurathane axle pivot bushings for small block Chevy engine mounts.