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Chevy Angled Bolt Chrome Starters

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Chevy Angled Bolt Chrome StartersChevy Angled Bolt Chrome StartersChevy Angled Bolt Chrome StartersChevy Angled Bolt Chrome Starters
Chevy Angled Bolt Chrome Starters

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Chevy Angled Bolt Chrome Starters



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What's in the Box

High torque. Snout is not chromed for grounding. Remanufactured. 

Fits 168 tooth flexplates and flywheels. 

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King Chrome 1955-86 Chevy Starter, 1.4 kW, 168-Tooth

King Chrome starters are 100% new (not rebuilt) and feature an aluminum nose. The powerful 1.4 kw motors crank out 180 ft. lbs. of torque, which is enough to start most high-compression street engines. For comparison, most OEM starters only have 85-100 ft. lbs. of torque.

  • Fits most 1955-1986 Chevy
  • Staggered Bolt Pattern
  • 168 Tooth
  • 1.4 kw motor
  • 180 ft. lbs. of torque 

Note: These starters include a chrome main body, solenoid, and end plate. The snout is not chrome.

GM Chrome Starter Solenoid
                        Bright, flash-plated solenoid. Not polished before being plated.
Polished Aluminum Heat Shield For Chevy Starter

Aluminum heat shields are a must for any Chevy. Use this cover to prevent heat of exhaust from cooking your original style starter and solenoid. Easy to install.

For OEM or stock-type GM starters. Will not fit mini starters or "gear reduction" starters.