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Camshaft Lockplate and Bolt Kit

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Camshaft Lockplate and Bolt Kit
Camshaft Lockplate and Bolt Kit

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Camshaft Lockplate and Bolt Kit



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What's in the Box

Camshaft lock plate with three grade 8 cam bolts.  V8 and V6 Chevy.

Bolts are 5/16-18 X 7/8 USS Course Grade 8

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Chevy Cam Degree Bushing Kit, Even Degrees

Used for degreeing in camshaft. Even #s are a set of five. Use a 13/32” drill bit to re-drill dowel hole in cam gear. Be sure to securely fasten cam gear when drilling to prevent elongating the hole.

550-85 Instructions (PDF)

Small Block Chevy Roller Cam Button, 0.795 Inch Long

Engines without a cam thrust plate must use a cam button spacer when using a roller lifter camshaft to limit lateral movement (cam walk). These horsepower saving needle bearing cam buttons reduce friction and prevent cam walk, inaccurate timing, and premature timing chain wear.

  • Uses a Nylatron Bushing
  • A must with roller lifter camshafts
  • Steel
  • Horsepower saving
  • Reduce friction
  • Prevent cam walk
  • Prevent inaccurate timing
  • Prevent premature timing chain wear due to cam walk

Fits: 1978-86 Chevy 90° V6 (200 thru 262 c.i.) and 1955-95 Chevy small block V8 (262 thru 400 c.i.).

Small Block Chevy Aluminum Cam Button
                        Limits lateral movement of camshaft ("cam walk"). Solid aluminum construction. Fits Small Block Chevy 262-400 c.i. and 90° V6.