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Butlerbuilt E-Z Sprint Seat

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Overall Height:
Overall Width:
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Material Thickness:
.090 & .125
Inside Width:
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Black velour rib cover and seat bottom upholstery.
Butlerbuilt E-Z Sprint Seat

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Q & A

What's in the Box

From the first manufacturer to offer full containment seats comes a new option which offers all of the same protection for a fraction of the cost.  The E-Z line features the same quality, rigidity, and safety aspects you need to compete at the highest level.  The head and shoulder supports are covered with CarbonX® material and sized to fit a wide range of driver builds and profiles.  Choose from four sizes, black upholstery only.
  • 10° layback with no assembly required
  • Solid head surround and shoulder support system
  • Black velour rib cover and seat bottom upholstery
  • Four standard sizes: 14.5", 15.5", 16.5", and 17.5"

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Simpson 29056SP Platinum 6-Point Seat Belt Set
(Part #63029056)

This high quality platinum 6 point belt system features polyester webbing and a standard latch and link sub belt.  There is no left side adjuster, pull tabs for easy adjustment, and anti-slip springs to keep everything tight.

Installation Instructions (PDF) 

Tru-Lite Titanium Seat Bolt, 5/16-24 Thread x 2-1/4 Inch
(Part #9403722)
                        Tru-Lite titanium .875" O.D. button allen head bolt for mounting racing seats to your chassis. Made from 6AL/4V material which has 3 times the strength of aluminum and is 42% lighter than steel.
Speedway Sprint Car Cage Net
(Part #91073)
                        Use a Speedway Sprint open wheel cage net for added safety.  Designed to keep your head inside the roll cage. No plastic. Approved by most racing associations. Available in red, blue, black, purple, yellow, orange and white.
Crow Enterprizes Sprint and Midget 5-Point Racing Harness Belt Sets
(Part #91072040)
                        Built specifically for sprints and midgets! 

Crow belts have left-hand pull down adjustment only, so the right hand belt is stationary. These are pull down shoulder harnesses in the wrap around style. Available in red, blue, black, purple and grey.

Bolt-in 5-point seat belt set installation instructions (pdf) 

Kirkey 69 Series Sprint Car Containment Seat
(Part #94069000)


No Warranty, No Returns On Garage Sale Items

This 10 degree layback seat is designed for the short track racer who demands a full containment seat at an affordable price.

  • Allows use of head and neck retraint systems
  • Adjustable padded head restraint
  • Allows use of six-point seat belts
  • Easily replaces your existing Kirkey intermediate or lightweight seat
  • Still allows easy entry and exit
  • Priced right
  • Available with black, red, grey or blue cover
  • Widths of 14", 15", 15 1/2", 16", 17" and 18"
Zoombang ZB-6000FRB Seat Padding, Seat Back Pads
(Part #4416000)

Adapt a seat for a better fit with added protection! The specially engineered polymer is soft at rest and instantly stiffens on impact absorbing the shock and dissipating energy. 3/8” thick pads will not wear out, melt, or freeze. Attach permanently with adhesive or temporarily with Velcro. Fits any seat and works with existing seat covers and padding.

Sold in pairs.

Simpson 5-Point Harness, Latch & Link Sprint Seat Belt, Short Sew Pattern
(Part #63029075)
  • Wrap around seat belt pull down
  • Left side adjustment only on lap belt
  • Individual shoulder harness wrap around
  • The short sew pattern brings the adjuster on lap belt closer to latch
  • The longest the lap belt can be adjusted to is approximately 57 inches mounting point to mounting point.
  • The longest the shoulder harnesses can be adjusted to is approximately 54 inches from the mounting point to the latch point of the belt.
  • Choose from colors: Black, Blue, or Red.
Ratchet Seat Belt Spud
(Part #2022151)

Weld this spud directly into the chassis tube for direct mounting of your bolt-in or ratchet style seat belts.

  • Length = 1-11/16"
  • O.D. = 5/8"
  • I.D. = 3/8"