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Book - How To Custom Paint Your Car

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Book - How To Custom Paint Your Car

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What's in the Box

For custom car builders today, one of the biggest expenses—and a make-or-break features of the build—is the paint job. Now, with the expert help of one of the country’s top custom painters, readers can learn to custom paint their own cars, from design to finishing touches. With the attention to detail and keen sense of style that have made her the most sought-after custom painter working today, JoAnn Bortles offers step-by-step instructions for achieving that professional look at home. Her book provides detailed advice on every step from basecoating to artwork and airbrushing to clearcoating and troubleshooting, with special emphasis on designing and executing elaborate paint schemes such as flames, skulls, murals, and pin striping. Clearly written and amply illustrated, this is the ultimate how-to-custom-paint guide. Also contains an excellent chapter on realistic flames as featured on the book's cover.

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192 pages

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Book - How To Paint Your Car
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This paperback book contains advice on everything you need to know and everything you need to do to have perfect paint on your vehicle. No matter what the project, this book will fit your painting interests and needs. The auto body and paint business is constantly changing to keeping up with environmental rules and regulations.  This book covers the up-to-date issues associated with these rules and regulations.

  • Topics include:
    • Tools, equipment, and safety
    • Planning the paint job
    • Environmental concerns
    • Types of paint and materials
    • Removing trim, Repairing damage/rust, Prepping metal for paint/bodywork
    • Applying fillers, Applying sealers and primers
    • Final paint options; custom paint options
    • Custom graphics, flames, pinstriping
    • Paint care and touchup
Titan Tools 19014 1.4mm Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun
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1.4MM Replacement HVLP Paint Gun Needle And Nozzle Set

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