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Book - Chopping Tops


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Few modifications change the appearance of a vehicle as much as a well executed top chop. In this information-packed guide, Larry O'Toole shows you how to prepare, mark out and accomplish a top chop on a range of vehicles, from early hot rod coupes to classic American Chevys, and even a Falcon sedan delivery from the sixties. Learn how and where to measure for the chop, how to build an internal frame for the vehicle so that everything stays in alignment while the roof is off, and how to modify the windshield glass to suit the new roofline. Hundreds of step-by-step photos lay out every step of the process.

160 pages.

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Covell Metalworking 1000-17 DVD - Chopping and Sectioning

Inspired by the Rod & Custom ‘Dream Truck’ Ron Covell and Joe McGlynn radically rework a ‘56 Studebaker pickup - giving it a 4” chop, a 6” section, and pie-cutting the hood. Every step is shown up-close, with clear detail, and the ongoing commentary brings out many of the ‘fine points’ of the work. You’ll see how and where to lay out the cuts, different ways to cut the metal, and how to fit the pieces back together to establish flowing contours. There are demonstrations on the English Wheel, planishing hammer, and Pullmax, plus TIG welding and plasma cutting. Special attention is paid to getting the hood and door gaps uniform.

Although chopping and sectioning are radical modifications, Ron and Joe’s thoughtful, methodical way of working through the steps is easy to follow!

100 Minutes