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BluePrint Engines H8002S Small Block Chevy Aluminum Head

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Material Type:
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Port Style:
Square Port
Stud Diameter:
MFG. Part #:
Intake Runners:
Exhaust Runners:
Combustion Chamber:
Cylinder Head Style:
Spark Plug Style:
Intake Valve Diameter:
Exhaust Valve Diameter:
Spring Diameter:
Garage Sale:
Open pressure is 295-305 lb.
BluePrint Engines H8002S Small Block Chevy Aluminum Head

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Q & A

What's in the Box

  • 195cc intake runners
  • 75cc exhaust runners
  • 2.02” and 1.60” stainless steel valves
  • Ultra street performance 1.437” springs for up to .575” lift
  • 115-125 lb seat pressure
  • 295-305 lb open pressure
  • 3⁄8”screw in studs and guideplates
  • Great for hydraulic roller or large flat tappet street cams
  • Straight plug
  • 64cc combustion chamber
  • 3-angle valve job
  • Manganese bronze guides
  • Same head as featured on our exclusive BluePrint 383 Roller

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Flo-Tek 102505 Assembled S/B Chevy Aluminum Head, Straight Plug
(Part #7222000)

You don't sacrifice quality for a low price - get both with a Flo-Tek aluminum cylinder head. This Chevy aluminum head is loaded with high end features like bronze valve guides, multi angle valve job, and 3/8" screw-in rocker studs with guideplates. This is a pre-1986 design small block Chevy cylinder head with a standard exhaust port design. Heads are sold each.

  • Head is sold individually
  • 180cc intake runners
  • 62cc exhaust runners
  • 64cc combustion chambers
  • 2.02" and 1.60" stainless steel valves
  • High performance springs for .550" lift
  • Compatible with most flat tappet camshafts
  • Five angle valve job
  • Bronze guides
  • Straight plug
  • 3/8" screw-in studs and guide plates
  • Port for temperature probe
  • Works well with most flat tappet street cams

Flow Numbers:

  • Valve Lift     .400"     .500"     .600"
  • Intake           206       237       244   
  • Exhaust        165       177       187
Champion 794 C61YC 14mm Racing Spark Plug-.75 Reach-5/8 Hex-61 Heat
(Part #271C61YC)

Projected tip for gasoline. For Brodix and other aftermarket aluminum heads. For most magneto fired ignitions. Sprints and Late Models. 14mm plug, .750" reach, 5/8" hex.

Plug gap will depend on output of distributor and fuel being used. Most applications using methanol will be at .022" - .025". If your ignition sytem is a higher output, maybe able to go as wide as .030". Gas application should be .030" - .035". You should also consult manufacturer of distributor for their recommendations.

Champion Racing Series plugs include all the features of their conventional plugs, but are built with extreme engine conditions and durability in mind.

  • Nickel Alloy Ground and Center Electrodes
  • Copper Core Center Electrode Allows for Increased Conductivity and Heat Control
  • 14mm, .750" reach, 5/8" hex
  • Projected Core Nose
  • Heat Range: Hot (61)

Champion Spark Plug Guide (GIF)

Champion Heat Range Guide (GIF)

Champion Conversion Chart (GIF)

Spark Plug Gapping Instructions (GIF)

Autolite, Champion, NGK Cross Reference Chart (PDF)

Fel-Pro P1010 S/B Chevy 265-400 Copper Ring Head Gasket 4.166 In. Bore
(Part #3441010)

These Fel-Pro gaskets work with both cast iron and aluminum heads. Pre-flattened steel wire ring gaskets have the strength of steel wire sealing with minimum brinelling of aluminum heads. Pre-flattened copper wire ring gaskets will not brinell aluminum heads. They offer superior heat dissipation. Multi-layer steel gaskets offer current leading-edge technology and provide a long-term, leakproof seal called Perma Torque MLS.

  • Gaskets are sold each
  • Pre-flattened copper wire
  • Nominal compression thickness: .039"
  • Compressed volume: 8.9 cc
  • Recommended for '86-'91 Corvette aluminum heads. Max 4.155" bore.
  • 4.166" bore gaskets can be used on 400 race engines with up to 4.155" max bore with minimal chamfer.
  • When using aluminum heads, we recommend gaskets with soft copper wire rings (such as 344-1010). This ensures that the aluminum head is not "scarred" by the combustion seal. Shim style 344-1094 will also work well with aluminum heads.

Head Gasket Application (JPEG)

Speedy Tip for Proper Head Gasket Seal (GIF)  

Fel-Pro Gaskets 1205 S/B Chevy Intake Manifold Gaskets, 1.28x2.09 Inch
(Part #3441205)
                        Fel-Pro Blue Stripe premium quality intake manifold gaskets for Small Block Chevy (SBC).