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Bell Sport SA10 Racing Helmet


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Snell SA2010
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Q & A

What's in the Box

The Snell SA2010 rated Sport helmet is designed for the sportsman or entry level racer who demands value and quality at an affordable price.  The Sport racing helmet takes a 281 SRV Shield and each helmet comes with a clear shield and Bell visor strip as standard equipment. Available in White, Gloss Black, Orange (non-vented for boat racing), and new Patriot or Rebel design.

  • All Purpose Helmet
  • Lightweight Composite Shell Technology
  • Classic Bell Styling
  • Superior Chin Bar, Forehead & Top Ventilation
  • White, Gloss Black and Orange
  • New Rebel and Patriot Design
  • Orange Color Non-Vented For Boat Racing
  • 281/3MM SRV Shield (SRV-2 Pivot System)
  • E-Max Multi Density Liner
  • Comfortable Standard Interior
  • Pre-Drilled for Head & Neck Restraint Device
  • Snell SA2010 Certification
  • Tearoff posts included

Bell Helmet Sizing Chart (PDF)

Proper Fitting Guidelines (PDF)


Racers can customize the fit of the Sport by using Bell's Cheek Pad Inserts in 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm sizes to tighten the fit in the cheek area. The Sport is pre-drilled for use with head and neck restraint devices. The Sport helmet offers full face protection and a standard size eyeport. All Sport Series helmets feature classic Bell design styling, comfortable interior and a lightweight composite shell.

Item Details

Entry level helmet providing value and quality at an affordable price.

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Speedway C Style Tearoffs

Speedway Style C Short Tear-offs are the finest made. Constructed of high strength 2 mil. plastic, they allow superior visbility. Fits all Bell helmets.

Peg Hole Distance: 12-1/2"
Tearoff Height: 3"
Tearoff Length: 16-1/2"


Speedway Tearoff Guide


Bell Supreme SA10 Racing Helmet

Speedway Motors has teamed up with Bell USA to bring a Bell quality racing helmet to the sportsman or entry level racer.  We are proud to introduce a Speedway Motors exclusive: the “Supreme” helmet by Bell.  The Snell SA2010 rated Supreme helmet is designed to offer value and quality at an affordable price.

  • Snell SA2010 Racing Helmet
  • Sportsman or Entry Level Racer
  • Unmatched Value and Quality 

Tear off posts are included. Available in white, black or flat black.

Bell Helmet Sizing Chart (PDF)

Proper Fitting Guidelines (PDF)


Helmet Graphics - Drift
  • Vinyl
  • Available in red, blue yellow or orange
  • Applies to any style helmet
  • Helmet NOT included
Racing Helmet Graphics - Downforce
  • Can be easily removed and changed
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable
  • Glossy finish
  • Single layer vinyl
  • Decals are printed then laminated to help protect print
  • Special material made to work on contours of helmet
  • Decal application won't damage helmet
Helmet Graphics - Apex
  • Can be easily removed and changed
  • Affordable
  • Glossy finish
  • Made from special material made to work with the contours of helmets
  • Printed on special material then laminated with an extra thick layer to help protect the print
  • When applied and removed correctly, decals will not harm helmet
Helmet Graphics - Loud Pedal
  • Can be easily removed and changed
  • Affordable
  • Glossy finish
  • Made from special material made to work with the contours of helmets
  • Printed on special material then laminated with an extra thick layer to help protect the print
  • When applied and removed correctly, decals will not harm helmet
  • Available in red, blue, orange and yellow
Bell Pro Roller Gear Bag

The Pro Roller Gear Bag is large enough to carry your helmet, suit, gloves and anything else you may need for a race. The bag is equipped with a retractable handle and wheels for easy transportation.

Dimensions: 35"L x 15"W x 15"H

G-FORCE SA2010 CFG Full Face Racing Helmet, Carbon Fiber, S-XXL

A new take on the previous design from G-FORCE Racing Gear, the CFG is the new standard in functionality and style. From the outside in you will notice the difference. The outer contact shell is made with a ultra-lightweight, Carbon Fiber and composite blend which weighs 15-20% less than standard models. The shell is then coated with deep, rich protective clear coat outer layer. The rear of the helmet is accented with double ridge lines that add both style and strength to the CFG shell.

Reinforced mounting points for the Hans® Helmet Restraint Devices are built into the shell during production for added durability. The G-FLOW Ventilation System siphons air into the 6 slotted chin bar ports, around the interior and siphons out the 2 top and 2 rear vents to aid in cooling. An optically correct, .125" thick, ProFit Shield encloses the extra wide eye port opening and secures to the rubberized, eye port gasket to keep dust and dirt out. The ProFit Shield is held in place by two aircraft aluminum, wide-head bolts for easy change-out and removal. The thumb indention makes lifting the shield, even with gloves, simple and clean. The pivot kit contains 5 shield ratchet positions so that the driver can adjust to their liking. The front of the helmet is completed with a smooth-slope, auto racing chin bar which is different than a motorcycle, sharp-nosed design.

On the inside, G-FORCE Racing Gear has produced the most user friendly, comfortable helmet on the market. The heart of the CFG helmet is the, multiple density, ConeHead impact liner made to react to differing impact situations. The impact liner is covered by a soft knit, hypoallergenic, padded CoolTec, flame retardant liner for comfort and fit. A SpecFit Channel has been added to secure placement in the use of seeing or sunglasses. The chin strap in the CFG helmet is bolted to the shell with stainless hex-head bolts and is made from durable, flame retardant Kevlar® webbing. The CFG helmet carries the Snell SA2010 rating and at an average of 48 ounces, this is the lightest helmet in the GFORCE line. The G-FORCE Racing Gear CFG is the professional racer's choice for a clean look with unmatched quality and feel.

  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Shell
  • Flame Retardant Liner
  • G-FLOW Ventilation System
  • Reinforced mounting points for Hans® Helmet Restraint Systems
  • Carbon Fiber gloss black finish with center stripe 
  • Choose from sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL

G-Force Helmet Sizing Chart (GIF)

Proper Fitting Guidelines (PDF)

Bell 2022121 SRV2 Pivot Kit
                        Bell recommends that you use new washers and pivot screws every time you replace your shield.

Fits the following SA2010 helmets with the 276 and 281 shield:

  • SPEEDWAY Supreme
  • BR.1 
  • K.1 
  • M.4
  • Sport
  • Vortex GT
Bell SRV Shield - Fits Sport, Vortex, M3, BR-1, M4, Sport
  • Fits SA05 Sport, Vortex, M3 & M3 Xtra helmets
  • Fits SA10 BR-1, M4, and Sport helmets
  • Use Style C tearoffs
  • Meets Snell 05 (Late '06-current) specifications
  • Available in Plain and Fog free versions in Amber, Chrome, Clear, Light Smoke & Dark Smoke Tint
Racing Optics 10205C Speedstack Tearoffs, C-Style-Bell-Not X15/G Force

Three stacks of ten tearoffs laminated together gives same crystal clear view as one traditional tearoff. Can use multiple stacks of ten at one time. Unique design will keep dust and fog from accumulating between layers.  

  • Peg Hole Distance: 12-1/2"
  • Height: 3"
  • Length: 16-1/2"
  • Fits Bell Vortex/ BR-1/ M4/ K-1/ Sport with 276, 281, 288 shield, Pyrotect