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Battery Cable Terminal End

Battery Cable Terminal EndBattery Cable Terminal EndBattery Cable Terminal EndBattery Cable Terminal EndBattery Cable Terminal End
Battery Cable Terminal End

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Universal battery terminal (post) ends for use with your battery cable. Works with #2 gauge cables.

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Speedway 18 Ft. Battery Cable

Two-gauge standard copper battery wire with ends.  This kit is intended for use with top-post batteries. It contains a 2 ft. long negative battery cable with terminals on both ends. The 18 ft. positive cable has a terminal (post clamp) at the 'battery' end, and a terminal to crimp on the other end.

Also included: 6 E-Z ties and 4 short pieces of shrink sleeve.

Copper Battery Cable Ends, 2 Gauge, 5/16 Inch Hole

Tubular copper battery cable ends with ring-style lugs. Available in three popular sizes.

Sold in bags of 10.

NOCO Battery Products TR1P Left Elbow Positive Terminal Ends

This left elbow positive terminal end is made of sand cast copper for superior connections and lasting performance.

  • Use with 2 gauge battery cable
  • Must be soldered in place
  • Exceeds SAE conductivity standards
Accel 1843 Battery Cable, 3 Feet, 2 Gauge, Black Ground Cable

ACCEL battery wire is half the weight of traditional battery cable. The copper clad aluminum design allows your racecar to have the same amount of energy and power running thru your battery cables but at half the weight. This allows you to lighten up your car or add weight were it will help the car handle better.

  • 3 Feet universal battery grounding cable- 2 Gauge ground wire in black
  • Lightning cable is half the weight of standard battery cable
  • Copper Clad aluminum allows maximum energy transfer