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Barry Grant Demon Triple D Six Shooter Induction, Chevy

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Barry Grant Demon Triple D Six Shooter Induction, Chevy
Barry Grant Demon Triple D Six Shooter Induction, Chevy
Barry Grant Demon Triple D Six Shooter Induction, Chevy

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Q & A

What's in the Box

The Triple D Six Shooter from Demon™ is the ultimate intake package.  It features an all new intake design, three newly designed 250 cfm carbs, electronic choke on center carb, custom fuel log and progressive linkage, a 3" tall air cleaner and custom water neck. This is tri-power like you have never seen it before!

  • A ground-up intake runners and plenum design
  • Intake delivers superior distribution to cylinders
  • Clean, clutter-free design
  • Patent-pending streamlined water neck housing minimizes leak potentials with superior version clamping on the thermostat assembly and a recessed well accumulates any seepage that may occur and prevents unsightly stains
  • 250 cfm carbs with side hung float bowl assemblies
  • Center carburetor serving as the primary carburetor, equipped with an electric choke
  • Outboard carburetors use a progressive throttle linkage connected to the center carburetor
  • Attractive billet aluminum/stainless steel fuel log feeds the carburetors from a forward
    mounted fuel source
  • Uses banjo fittings with double O-rings and the connecting tube is a
    tight compression fit over the O-ring seals
  • Aluminum Rush Performance Filters air filter assembly complete with a 3-inch tall Rush
    cleanable/reusable filter

 Effective Monday 2-21-11 this part is now offered without a warranty and is sold "as is".

Item Details

1957-1986 283-400 V-8

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There is nothing sweeter looking or sounding than a dual quad on a Chevy!  This one kit gets you two manual choke Edelbrock carbs, an Edelbrock unpolished intake manifold, fuel line and special progressive linkage.  Just add a suggested air cleaner to finish your installation. Will clear HEI distributors. 6-7/16" carb centers. 

  • 1957-86 262-400 small block
  • (2) 500 cfm manual choke carbs
  • C-26 Dual-Quad manifold
  • 1500-5000 rpm
  • Low profile for hood clearance on most vehicles

Edelbrock 5419 1955-86 Small Block Chevy Three Deuce Intake Manifold
(Part #3255419)

Designed for 1955-86 262-400 c.i.d. small-block Chevys, this 3x2 style manifold has a balanced 180° firing order port runner arrangement. It contains an exhaust gas heat riser and offers excellent performance potential. This tri power manifold has a machined front oil filler tube pad with boss. Carb center-to-center: 5-1/2". Idle to 5500 rpm power band.

325-5419 Instructions (PDF)

Three Chrome 9 Super 7 Carbs, 1957-86 Small Block Chevy Edelbrock Intake
(Part #925122)

This tri power kit uses the Edelbrock C-357-B S/B Chevy 3x2 intake with Speedway's 9 Super 7® carbs. It has progressive linkage to give you good driveability and economy, but power when you need it. The manifold has a balanced 180° firing order port runner arrangement. It contains an exhaust gas heat riser and offers excellent performance potential. (idle-5500 rpm)

Kit includes three chrome plated carbs, the plain finish aluminum intake, 4" chrome air cleaners, linkage kit, chrome fuel block, fittings and red fuel line. Assembly required. Fits 1957-1986 Chevy 262-400 c.i.d. small-block Chevys.

9 Super 7® Linkage Instructions (PDF)

Note: Not applicable to an HEI based distributor system due to a clearance issue. This system must be used in conjunction with a small diameter based distributor.

The 9Super7 makes setting up a multiple carburetor induction system easier than when Strombergs were available new. All that's required to do so with our kits is a Uni-Syn syncing tool and a little patience. Our 3 Carb kits come with one primary carburetor and two secondary carburetors while the 2 Carb kits are both primary carbs.  See our Multiple Carburetor Tech Tip for more information on using the 9 Super 7 in a 2x2 or 3x2 carb set-up.

  • Three Deuce carburetor setups come with two "secondary" carbs for front and rear intake position and one "primary" carb for central/middle position
  • All-new tooling for crisp, flawless castings
  • New aluminum base assembly allows for cooler fuel temps and better fuel efficiency as compared to the original cast iron design
  • Stainless steel screws and hardware
  • Original troublesome needle and seat replaced by a Grose-style fuel inlet valve to better cope with higher fuel pressures and improved high speed running 
  • Will not stick or dribble like the old Viton-tipped needle and seat setups
  • Extended brass throttle shaft to simplify multi-carb linkage
  • Primary Carb - (1) Middle Position
    • Choke assembly, accelerator pump, and jets have all been faithfully retained and accept standard Stromberg parts
  • Secondary Carb - (2) Front and Rear Position
    • Special base plate with no idle circuits or choke linkage
    • Special butterflies and shafts installed
    • Works best with progressive linkage
    • Idle only off the center or main carburetor
    • No more plug foul

Note: The secondary carbs have NO choke, and they have NO idle system.

915-11655 Primary Carburetor Instructions (PDF)

Rochester Tri-Power Base Kit with Linkage
(Part #91011569)

There's nothing cooler than a TriPower on your small block, but man are the carbs expensive and hard to find! With this kit you can use three junkyard 2G small base style Rochester carbs and put together a three deuce set-up for a fraction of the cost.  Includes two rebuilt bases for the secondary carbs, gaskets, jets, power valve and modified piston, idle tubes, plugs, hardware and new primary throttle shaft and butterflies. This kit includes an adjustable progressive linkage kit.

910-11569 Instructions (PDF)

Rochester Tri-Power Base Installation Instructions (PDF) 

Lokar TCB-40BG Throttle & Kickdown Cable Bracket for BG Six Shooter
(Part #49140)
                        This slick billet aluminum bracket mounts at the back of the rear carb on your Barry Grant Six Shooter setup and makes the throttle cable, return spring and kickdown cable mounting easy. 
  • CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum for strength and style
  • Easy installation of Lokar Throttle Cable and Kickdown kits
  • Dual Stainless Steel Return Springs
  • All hardware and detailed mounting instructions included
  • Utilizes existing SixShooter Progressive Linkage