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Auto Meter 1103 MCX Quad and Tach/Speedo Combo Gauge Kit, 5 Inch

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Sold in Quantity:
Gauge Type:
Bezel Finish:
Gauge Face:
Lettering Color:
Lighting Type:
Needle Color:
Fluorescent Red
MFG. Part #:
Gauge Range:
8K RPM/120 MPH/100 PSI/100-250 °F/8-18V/240OE-33OF
Light Color:
Sending Unit:
Bezel Style:
Super Bezel
Included Adapter/Fitting:
1/8" NPT Male to 1/8" compression fitting, 1/8" NPT Female to 1/8" compression fitting, 1/8" NPT to 1/4" NPT bushing, 3/8" NPT and 1/2" NPT adapter fittings.
Garage Sale:
Includes Mounting Bracket(s):
Includes Bulb and Socket:
Includes Light Covers :
Overall Diameter:
Body Diameter:
Speedometer Diameter:
Auxiliary Gauge Diameter:
Includes all sending units.
Auto Meter 1103 MCX Quad and Tach/Speedo Combo Gauge Kit, 5 Inch
Auto Meter 1103 MCX Quad and Tach/Speedo Combo Gauge Kit, 5 Inch
Product Video
Auto Meter 1103 MCX Quad and Tach/Speedo Combo Gauge Kit, 5 Inch

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Watch the video below for instructions on how to properly calibrate your Auto Meter Electric Speedometer.

Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a set.



Q & A

What's in the Box

It's Tachs season! For a limited time, when you purchase this item from Auto Meter, you will receive a $100 rebate check. Hurry, offer ends 3/31/16!

Auto Meter's MCX gauges have a bold, unique look that is perfect for cars wanting to flaunt their muscle. One 5" gauge houses the speedometer and tach, while the other has the oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level and volt meter. These are LED-lit electric gauges that include senders.


  • Range: 8kRPM/120 MPH/100 PSI/100-250 deg. F/8-18 Volts/240ΩE-33ΩF 



Operates on 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engines with points, electronic, and most 12V high performance racing ignitions.
Includes all gauges senders, including 7/8-18 speedometer sender.
Resettable Trip odometer.

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Auto Meter 9117 Tachometer Signal Adapter, Distributorless Ignition
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If you have a modern engine, chances are it doesn't have a distributor. If you want to add a tach you're out of luck, unless you buy this neat little box that creates a signal that the tach can read. Simply wire into the power going to the coil pack. Allows any Auto Meter standard ignition tachometer or Digital Pro-Shift System gauge, tube, or controller module to be used on distributorless ignitions.

  • 12 volt
  • Works with 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines

Tach Adapter Installation Instructions (PDF)

Auto Meter 5291 Hall Effect Speedometer Sender for GM/Chrysler Trans
(Part #1825291)

Mechanical to electric speed sensor for use with all Auto Meter electronic speedometers.

7/8" - 18THD, Hall Effect sender, 16 pulse per rev. Includes pass-thru drive for cruise control. Adapts most GM and Chrysler transmissions with speedometer cable output to work with Auto Meter Electric Speedometers.

Electric Speedometer Sending Unit Installation Instructions (PDF)

GPS Speedometer Sending Unit
(Part #91097710)
  • The latest in electronic speedometer senders
  • Simple 4-wire hookup
  • Completely sealed
  • GPS triangulation gives true ground speed
  • No calibration necessary
  • For 8 or 16 pulse
  • Must be mounted face up

Instructions (PDF)

Auto Meter 5289 GPS Sending Module-Universal for Electric Speedometers
(Part #1825289)

This unit allows nearly any electric speedometer to use free GPS signals to drive the speedometer. No more cables, no more calibration drives. If you've got an Auto Meter electronic speedometer, it's a plug and play solution. Calibration on non-Auto Meter speedometers takes about 10 seconds and doesn't require driving. The Module uses the fastest possible GPS technology for truly seamless functionality.

  • Lightning fast 10Hz Signal
  • Separate paintable 1" square antenna with optional magnetic attachment capability
  • Waterproof antenna and module assembly (IP67 sealed)
  • Factory calibrated for 16,000 pulses per mile
  • One touch calibration
  • Compatible with Electronic Speedometers Only
Classic Instruments SN81 Sky Drive GPS Speedometer Sensors w/Cruise
(Part #2751023)
                        With the push of a button, these Classic  Instruments Sky Drive GPS speedometer sensors can program your vehicle's  speedometer from the convenience of your garage to read in miles per  hour, kilometers per hour, or knots. They feature an omnidirectional  antenna that gives you added mounting choices! They are designed to work  with any Classic Instruments or other manufacturer's speedometer. The  Classic Instruments Sky Drive GPS speedometer sensors include two  additional wires, giving you additional features and benefits. One wire  gives you an extra speed signal for cruise control, and another wire can  activate a relay or light which does a variety of things, such as  locking your doors or turning on a warning light at a predetermined  speed. 
  • Uses GPS triangulation to calculate speed
  • Works with all electronic speedometers
  • Cruise control capability built in
  • Relay trigger wire built-in for additional features such as speed timed door locks or speed indicator lights
Learn more about SkyDrive GPS by reading Rod & Custom Magazine's tech article; Classic Instruments SkyDrive Speedometer.
Classic Instruments SN74 Electric Speedometer Calibration Module
(Part #2751028)

With only two touches you can quickly and accurately program your speedometer.   Classic Instruments SN74 installs in-line between the transmission pulse signal or ECM speed output and your electronic speedometer.  The SN74 converts all known pulse signals, including pulse sendors that replace mechanical speedo cables on early transmissions, factory VSS (vehicle speed sensor), and the computer (ECM) output signals to 16,000 ppm or 8,000 ppm signals.  It also includes an additional 8,000 ppm output signal for your cruise control.  Real-time calibration feature allows total fine tuning.  The filtered power source eliminates interference.  This compact module works with most all aftermarket electronic speedometers and the module can be mounted anywhere inside your vehicle.

Instructions (PDF)