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Aluminum Power Steering Pumps w/ Reservoir


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What's in the Box

We offer these brand new lightweight aluminum power steering pumps with a reservoir. Available in either Ford (low flow) or GM (high flow) settings.

  • Ford - low flow for Mustang II power rack & pinion and Ford power steering
  • GM - high flow for T-Bird power rack & pinion and GM power steering
    * AN 6 pressure outlet
    * AN 6 return inlet
    * 16mm 1.5 pressure outlet
    * Hose barb return inlet

Use this Polished V-Belt Pulley sold separately.

Item Details

GM - High Flow
FORD - Low Flow

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Gotta Show 131101 Mustang/T-Bird Rack & Pinion Power Steering Hose Kit

These stainless steel braided power steering hose kits will connect 1984-88 T-Bird and 1979-93 Mustang racks to most Ford or GM style internal reservoir power steering pumps. The hoses provide a custom look without the need to buy any additional parts. This kit is designed for drivers side pumps and may require hoses to be trimmed to length.

The kit includes:

  • (2) 24" stainless steel braided hoses with 90° ends installed (rack end)
  • (1) Banjo bolt assembly for the pressure connection to the pump with 5/8" or 16mm threads
  • (1) Custom clamp cover for the return hose which connects to a hose nipple on the pump
  • Rack fittings in this kit are one each, 16mm or 5/8"-18, and one each, 14mm or 9/16"-18

617-4835 Instructions (PDF) 

Low Flow Power Steering Pump for Mustang II & Ford

These brand new aluminum remote reservoir power steering pumps are available in low flow for Mustang II power rack & pinion or Ford power steering. Same as GM Type II TC pumps. 

The flow of this pump is two gallons per minute and is rated at 1,500 PSI.

Use pulley part #910-32928 sold separately.


High Flow Aluminum Power Steerng Pump for T-Bird & GM

These brand new aluminum remote reservoir power steering pumps are a high flow type for use with 1982-88 T-Bird power rack & pinions or GM power steering. Same as GM Type II TC pumps.

  • The fitting at the inlet (suction) end of this pump is AN10 male
  • The fitting at the outlet (pressure) end is AN6 male
  • A 5/8"-18 banjo fitting can be used on this pump by removing the AN6 male fitting. The internal threads are 5/8"-18.
Use this Polished V-Belt Pulley sold separately.



Unisteer 8020630 Polished V-Belt Pulley for Aluminum Pumps

Polished aluminum V-belt pulley for use with Low Flow & High Flow GM Type II TC steering pumps:

Lubrication Engineers 7500 LE Power Steering Fluid, 1 Qt.

This power steering fluid is compatible with all racing power steering systems. Non-foaming, even at high temperatures. The best we have found. 1 quart.

  • Lowers operating temperatures
  • Controls rust and corrosion
  • Foam prevention
  • Seal compatibility
  • Reduces pump & gear wear
  • Resists oxidation
  • Contains MONOLEC, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive
5/8 Inch or 16mm to AN6 Banjo Fitting for Power Steering Pump

Zinc-plated steel banjo bolt assembly for the pressure connection (outlet) to the pump.

Fitting 617-4830 fits our:

  • P/S pump # 91032922-GM
  • P/S pump # 91032908-BLK  
  • P/S pump # 91032908-CHR

WARNING:  Fitting is designed to accept an AN-6 stainless steel braided wire high-pressure hose.