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Aluminum Open Carb Spacer, 2 Inch

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Material Type:
Overall Width:
Overall Length:
Sold in Quantity:
Overall Thickness:
Hole Diameter:
Bolt Hole Pattern:
Inside: 4.25" x 5.62" Outside: 5.16" x 5.62"
Gasket(s) Included:
Hardware Included:
Inside Width:
Inside Length:
Aluminum Open Carb Spacer, 2 Inch

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Aluminum Holley open carb spacers. Includes gaskets and hardware.

  • Open center design
  • 4 barrel Holley carburetors

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Plastic Open Carburetor Spacer, 1 Inch
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                        These open center carburetor spacers are designed to fit Holley 4150/4160 bolt pattern 4 barrel carbs. They are IMCA approved and are made to reduce heat conductivity for optimum performance.
  • Plastic spacer reduces heat conductivity 10 times greater than aluminum
  • Results in a denser, more powerful fuel charge to the manifold
  • Fits Holley 4150/4160 bolt pattern
  • IMCA approved
  • Includes studs, nuts & washers (gaskets not included)
Aluminum Air Cleaner Stud Kit
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                        This lightweight kit allows you to adjust the stud length correctly which means your air cleaner will stay tight and not fly off.

5/16"-18" thread. 7-1/4" overall length.

Chrome Air Cleaner with Washable Filter, 14 x 3 Inch
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                        Why keep buying paper elements when this one could last a lifetime?  This air cleaner assembly features a washable element, a beautiful chrome  plated top and base designed for the common 5-1/8" carb neck.
Moroso 65910 Chrome Air Cleaner, 14 x 3 Inch
(Part #54565910)

14" diameter with 3" high filter to fit 4 barrel carbs with 5-1/8" diameter necks. Offers maximum air flow with only 2-1/2" stack height above the carburetor lip. Dyno tests report that small blocks using Moroso air cleaners can produce 10 more horsepower than with other air cleaners.

  • Moroso's unique radiused air inlet design equalizes air pressure past the boosters for uniform air flow
  • Radiused air inlet is stamped into air cleaner base to reduce overall height
  • Back to back dyno testing proves a gain of over nearly 10 horsepower over running no air cleaner at all
  • Overall stacking height above the carburetor lip of only 2-1/2"
  • Fits all Holley, Carter, Rochester, and Edelbrock carburetors with 5-1/8" dia. necks