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Airheart Brake 121-3600 156 x Two Caliper O-Ring Overhaul Kit

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Includes (4) O-rings 1-7/8" O.D. and (2) O-rings 1-3/8" O.D.
Airheart Brake 121-3600 156 x Two Caliper O-Ring Overhaul Kit

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a kit.



Q & A

What's in the Box

Repair parts for Airheart disc brake calipers are hard to find! These O-ring overhaul kits will get you back on the track in a hurry. Each kit includes all neccessary parts for a rebuild.

  • (4) O-rings 1-7/8" O.D. (cross section 1/8")
  • (2) O-rings 1-3/8" O.D. (cross section 1/16")

150x1 Replacement Parts List (PDF)

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Airheart Brake Friction Puck for 150x1, Soft Lining Replacement
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Brake lining "pucks" for your vintage Airheart 150x1 calipers. Choose soft or hard compound. Sold each.

  • 1.480” O.D. and approximately .402 thick
  • Puck is stepped inwards to set into the caliper piston
  • Wear area above the step is about .295”
  • Recessed and countersunk center attachment hole in puck

Note: The soft pad will work best at cold temperatures but will not last as long as the hard pad. The hard pad will last longer but will not stop as well at cold temperatures, but will eventually out perform the soft pad under constant usage.

Learn how to properly Bed-In your brake pads by reading our tech article.  Bedding-In Brake Pad Procedure.

Airheart Master Cylinder Overhaul Kit, 3/4 Inch Bore
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                        Hard-to-find kits for Airheart Master Cylinders. Great for your vintage midget or sprint.
Airheart Brake 3005-0000 150x1 Disc Brake Caliper
(Part #10730050000)

The Airheart 150x1 Series Disc Brake Caliper w/ Retracting Piston is designed to provide a maximum amount of braking power packed into a minimal amount of space for easy mounting. The 150x1 is typically used with spindle mount front wheels and is designed to be mounted in either the three or nine O'clock position on a disc. Either the caliper or disc must float.

The 150X1 series features a single piston with a patented piston reactor. The body is made of die-cast aluminum alloy. Friction linings are available in both hard and soft materials.

Requires type D.O.T. 3 brake fluid.

Airheart Brake 3010-0001 175H Series Disc Brake Caliper
(Part #10730100001)

The Airheart 175H Series hydraulically actuated caliper disc brake has a longer piston than the 150x1 caliper and provides better braking. It is typically used on spindle mount wheels & most Hallcraft/Dayton wire wheels. Designed to mount on a 1/8-inch disc.

  • Body made of die-cast aluminum alloy
  • Friction linings available in both hard and soft materials (sold separately)

Requires type D.O.T. 3 brake fluid.