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AERO Appearance Products 5626 Suds Exterior Soap, 16 oz

AERO Appearance Products 5626 Suds Exterior Soap, 16 oz
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AERO Appearance Products 5626 Suds Exterior Soap, 16 oz

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SUDS Exterior Soap has been specially formulated to powerfully clean your car as it protects your wax finish. With harsh chemical and stripping agents, most soap can cause damage to your automobile.

Sure they may be easy to use, but along with removing dirt, they also remove your finish and protective coatings. That is why SUDS is the perfect balance of shielding your wax and protective coatings, while also removing unsightly dirt and road grime.

SUDS, the ultimate soap that helps to keep a shine on your paint without harsh stripping agents that can damage surfaces, is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. With SUDS you do not have to worry about water spots or causing “spider web” marks in your paint finish because of its revolutionary lubricating agents to remove the dirt.


Directions for use: The ultimate washing soap that helps to keep a shine on your paint without harsh stripping agents that can damage surfaces. Mix 2-3 ounces of SUDS soap per gallon of water for light to general cleaning, 4-5 ounces of SUDS for heavy cleaning. Use a soft towel, wash mitt or soft brush that is soaked with soapy mixture and wipe on surface with a light scrubbing motion. Keep surface wet at all times, rinse well to remove all soap & dry surface with a soft cotton towel or micro fiber cloth. Test on a small inconspicuous spot first to check for any issues.

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Lincoln, NE
Product Rating

Aero works great!

July 03, 2011
By far Aero creates the best line of car care products I've ever used. The soap cleans the surfaces and leaves no traces of residue behind or water spots. I was able to get the car clean much quicker than with using other soaps.
Yes, I recommend this product.
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