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Garage Sale - AERO Appearance Products 5657 Polish Aluminum and Metal Polish

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Garage Sale - AERO Appearance Products 5657 Polish Aluminum and Metal Polish
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Garage Sale - AERO Appearance Products 5657 Polish Aluminum and Metal Polish

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What's in the Box

When challenged to keep the polished leading edges of corporate aircraft shining brightly, International Aero Services team depend on POLISH to do this job. With certainty, this product will be the finest metal POLISH you will ever use.

POLISH delivers shine and protection to aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, gold, silver, copper, brass and magnesium. Other paste-type polishes only permit small areas to be shinned at once. Their polishing products cannot be allowed to dry or they become difficult (if not impossible) to remove. But with POLISH, users can polish an entire surface, allow it to dry and simply dust it off. What’s left is a beautiful shine without the repetitive rub-on, wipe-off exercise required by other polishes. This product actually has certain proprietary ingredients that allow our POLISH to become finer and finer the more you rub it in. Essentially, you’re starting with a metal polish that begins with the necessary grade of compounds to remove oxidation and scratches that dull a metals surface, and as it’s used it breaks itself down to a finer and finer material until it becomes the finest level of polish available, leaving a shine and luster that would normally require you to use many different products to achieve this level of shine. Best of all, it’s effortless to use and once allowed to dry, it’s a simple “wipe off”.


This is garage sale priced because it has been discontinued.




Directions for use: For use on any "non-coated" Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, or Copper surface. Apply a small amount of Polish to a clean soft towel and work into metal using a "back an forth" motion until product turns black in Color. Allow Polish to dry to a haze. Wipre off product with a clean dry soft cloth to buff to a shine. Work on a small area each time. Test on a small inconspicuous post first to check for any issues.

Compare to:

  • Surf City Garage - Diamond Edge Metal Dressing, Maximum Metal Perfect Polish, Killer Chrome Perfect Polish
  • Adam’s - Metal Polish #1, Metal Polish #2
  • Mothers - Chrome Polish

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Purple Metal Polish
(Part #91080118)

Just the thing you need to maintain the shine and luster on coated headers.

The Original Purple Metal Polish has been specially formulated for EASABILITY, DURABILITY, and a SUPER HIGH QUALITY SHINE.  It contains a superior abrasive along with Hi-tech cleaners and sealers to SAFELY CLEAN, SHINE and PROTECT all metal surfaces WITHOUT SCRATCHING.   Also excellent for removing light scratches on plexiglass, bug screens and plastic lens covers.  12 fl. oz.

  • Works excellent on coated headers
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Chrome
  • Silver
  • Stainless
  • Removes most blueing from pipes and headers


Lucas 10155 Metal Polish, 16oz
(Part #484101551)
                        Lucas Metal Polish cleans, polishes and protects aluminum and other  metals.  It delivers deep shine and maximum luster with minimum effort.   This product is simple to use, safe on all metals, fast acting and does  not contain acid or ammonia.
Stainless Steel Polishing Kit
(Part #91012455)

These high quality polishing kits are designed specifically for use on stainless steel surfaces. They are sure to give any stainless steel a brilliant, mirror smooth finish.

Kit Contains:

  • Black, Brown, and Green polishing compounds (1 Each)
  • Mushroom, cylinder, and tapered buff pad (1 Each)
  • (5) different shaped felt bobs
  • (2) spiral sewn mounted buff pads
  • (1) single stitched mounted buff pad 

91012455 Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)