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Adjustable Rubber Bushed Panhard J Bar

Adjustable Rubber Bushed Panhard J Bar

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What's in the Box

Adjustable rubber bushed J shaped steel panhard bar. Adjusts from 19" to 22". With 3/4" heims.  This J-Bar has a drop of 5-1/2".

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BSB Manufacturing 7036 Adjustable Steel Panhard Mount for 9 Inch Ford
(Part #91645000)
                        This steel panhard mount is designed to fit the popular 9" Ford rear end pinion support. The adjustable 3/4" stud allows 2-1/2" of travel and can be switched to either side. Hardware included. 
BSB Manufacturing 7055-20 Steel Frame Slider
(Part #91645493)
                        This steel panhard frame slider allows you to move panhard bar without changing length. Available for 1-1/2" and 2" .
Panhard Bar Mount
(Part #91645525)
                        This steel panhard bar mount clamps onto 1-1/2" square tubing.  Accepts 3/4" heim. Forged steel. Yellow zinc plated. 
Replacement Bushing for 917-20158
(Part #91720159)
AFCO 20296 9 Inch Ford Panhard Pinion Mount
(Part #10620296)

Features additional low mount tab for panhard bar.

AFCO 20220-1 9 Inch Ford Panhard Pinion Mount
(Part #106202201)
                        AFCO 9 Inch Ford Panhard Pinion Mount 
Lightweight Chromoly Adjustable Panhard Bar, 3-1/2 Inch Bend
(Part #91645529)

How would you like a panhard bar that is 25% lighter? This panhard bar is made of 4130 Chromoly tubing and has an adjuster on one end that allows approximately 2 inches of adjustment. Made with 3/4" heims and 3 1/2" bend.

  • 20" adjusts from 19" - 21"
  • 22" adjusts from 21" - 23"
  • 24" adjusts from 23" - 25"

Note:  This J-Bar is designed to absorb energy in the event of an impact and may not be suitable for extremely rough conditions.

Ford 9 Inch Perfect Pinion Plate, Purple
(Part #91645562)

This steel panhard bar mount fits the pinion on a 9" Ford rearend and allows a little over 4" of adjustment in 1/4" increments. It accepts a 3/4" adjuster bolt.

Hardware not included.