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ARP Fasteners 230-7306 Brinn Flywheel Bolts

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Material Type:
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Black Oxide
Under Head Length:
Thread Pitch:
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Set of (6) bolts with washers.
ARP Fasteners 230-7306 Brinn Flywheel Bolts

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  • This item is sold as a set.



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What's in the Box

ARP bolts for Brinn flywheels.

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Brinn 79099 Small Block Chevy Bellhousing Assembly W/O Flywheel
(Part #22079099)
  • Can be used with any Original or Pro Series/Pro 2.0 transmission
  • 100% magnesium construction
  • One-piece cast pump mount. No bolt-on brackets
  • Ribbed for extra strength and rigidity
  • Includes flywheel shims and starter shims
  • Use reverse mount starters
  • Requires the use of a 1/4" motor mount plate
  • Brinn dirt bellhousing assemblies weigh 11.4 pounds
Brinn 79060 -Style Starter
(Part #22079060)
  • High torque motor
  • Billet aluminum mounting flange
  • Starters weigh 8.0 pounds
  • Precision machined to be used with all Brinn bellhousings
  • Can be used with other bellhousings. Consult your bellhousing manufacturer
Brinn 70041 Complete Rebuild Kit for Racing Transmission
(Part #22070041)
                        This rebuild kit for the Brinn Racing Transmissions 70001 and 70010 includes:

Brinn Part #  Qty: Decription:
70046 1 Clutch Asm. Wire
71003 4 O-Rings
71010 1 Retaining Ring
71011 1 Oil Seal
71012 1 Machined Bushing
71016 1 Clutch Spring
71017 6 Steel Clutch Disc.
71018HD 6 Metallic Friction Disc.
71026 2 Needle Thrust Washer
71035 1 Clutch Piston O-Ring
71040 1 Rear Seal & Bushing
71046 1 O-Ring
71063 1 O-Ring
73009 1 Thrust Race, Intermediate Shaft
Quarter Master 115509124TM Bert/Brinn Transmission Bellhousing Kit
(Part #910105121)

For those of you running a Bert or Brinn clutchless transmission, Quarter Master offers this affordable bellhousing kit. QM Engineers used the latest computer software to make this the lightest and stiffest bellhousing on the market today. This design has eliminated cracking around the starter pocket inherent with other bellhousings.

Includes 91-tooth flywheel, 1.4 kW reverse rotation starter, starter adapter plate, steel crank hub with bolts, oil pump belt, and aluminum bellhousing. Allows for mounting of oil and fuel pumps using HTD type belt.  Fits S/B and B/B Chevy - applicable to pre-1985 2-piece rear seal crankshafts.

NOTE: Only works with "older" KSE Tandem Pumps. The newer style Tandem X pumps have a different mounting configuration and will not match up.

910-105121 Instructions (PDF)

Quarter Master 114170 Reverse-Mount Starter, Bert/Brinn
(Part #910114170)

Quarter Master starts with the highest quality starter components available and hand-assembles them in-house. They are then fitted with custom adapter mounts that accurately locate the pinion gear for a perfect mesh fit with the flywheel. Ultra-Duty Starters feature plenty of punch (1.4 kW) for all performance applications. With full ball bearing construction and heavy-duty solenoids, they are not affected by normal under hood operating temperatures. Current draw is approximately 210 amps at rated load.

910-114170 Instructions (PDF)

Quarter Master Engineering & Design (PDF)