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Goodridge SP670-02 -2 AN Brake Line Kit, Sprint Car 2 Wheel System

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Sold in Quantity:
Overall Diameter:
Outer Braid:
Fitting End A:
-3 AN
Fitting End B:
-3 AN
MFG. Part #:
Garage Sale:
Two ends are straight, one end is 45 degree.
Goodridge SP670-02 -2 AN Brake Line Kit, Sprint Car 2 Wheel System
Goodridge SP670-02 -2 AN Brake Line Kit, Sprint Car 2 Wheel System

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Q & A

What's in the Box

940-31850 - Simply zip-tie this Sprint car AN2 soft line system in place of your hard-line to increase brake pressure, eliminate threaded joints, and add durability. A direct replacement consisting of AN3 female ends and coated braided line. Outfit your third caliper with the additional line and fitting kit. Works with or without a residual valve.

Item Details

Sprint car application.

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