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AFCO 21207X Three Stage Torque Link

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AFCO 21207X Three Stage Torque Link

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Q & A

What's in the Box

The "three stage" torque link provides adjustable progressive action for ultimate torque control and traction. Torque is absorbed by the coil spring to provide the initial forward bite. As engine torque increases, the poly bushings engage to increase torque to the rear tires. Engagement point of the poly bushings can be adjusted independently from the coil spring to allow for changing track conditions. 

Due to its unique twin shaft design the engine side and brake side operate independently. This allows corner entry and exit to be tuned separately. Bushing/spring pre-load is always maintained. Also the brake bushing works more effectively because it's not loaded with engine spring pre-load. The car turns better during decelleration as a result. 

Suggested Tube Lengths for 106-21207X

10621207X Operation Manual (PDF)

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Choose your rate.

  • Every AFCO Coil Spring is machine-ground on both ends to tolerances within 1 degree, and then pressed to solid height and "pre-set." This process virtually eliminates any potential for additional set.
  • AFCO has made a science of optimizing the variables of material thickness and coil spacing to achieve the best possible design for each rate and height of spring in their product line.
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AFCO Bushing Chart (GIF)

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Note: Subtract 16" from desired center to center length to determine tube length.